Marianne Heikkilä reveals Maria Jungner's quieter side: “She let her wounds show”

Marianne Heikila, president of the organization, fondly remembers her dead friend.

Yle's longtime television anchor Maria Jungner He died suddenly at the weekend aged 50. He has been widely mourned. The announcer, loved by the Finns, had a wide circle of friends. Many have received the news of death with deep sadness.

The director of the organization Marian Heikkila and Maria Jungner already knew each other from their youth, but became friends in their youth. Mico Huisco

Head of organization Marianne Heikkila She shared an update on Instagram on Sunday in which she wrote about the soul sisterhood that women share.

– Dear Maria, Minnie, have a nice trip home, you go, Heikkila writes in her touching update on Instagram.

– You are very important to many people. Thank you for the spiritual sisterhood we have experienced as we share the joys and sorrows of life. You knew my brother's and my family's paths, we lived through similar phases and family was everything to you.

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Marianne Heikle tells Iltalehde that the women were united by a similar outlook on life and spiritual values. In their friendship, they went through life's great tribulations side by side.

– You can't understand this, it's shocking, Heikkila's voice breaks as he talks about his friend's death.

According to him, Maria Jungner had an exceptional ability to empathize with the life situations of others. They knew each other from their youth but became friends in their youth. Both came from well-known families, their parents working in the public sector.

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– We are soul sisters who met in youth. Many things about death and loss brought us to our knees. Maria miraculously appeared in my life and wanted to stay in touch, describes Marianne Heikkila.

Heikkila, who works as a Lutheran priest, blessed Jungner's father Treasure Elon to the grave. Later, Jungner asked Heikkilah to the first Orthodox Easter Mass of his life. They had a good time together at Matthew Passions and spiritual concerts.

Friendships were maintained through intimate messaging, where words of comfort were sent both ways.

– Mary is a light in people's lives. It is only after death that one realizes how important he was to many. He stopped, listened, and was always comforting.

– He Himself suffered unjust losses, and that is why He was able to comfort me so well in my own losses.

Maria Jungner is remembered as Yle's longtime announcer, among others. Gooey Channa

A friend for support

During the years 2020-2021, Marianne Heikla had to say goodbye to three loved ones and close friends, including her father and brother, who had cerebral palsy.

– That also brought us together, Maria knows my brother and walked some paths with him. When I was at my brother's grave he always put on comforting songs or speeches.

“There is no death. I entered another room. its me. You are you. What we were to each other, we still are.”

Jungner spontaneously sent beautiful pictures, songs, or snippets of heartfelt text.

– They always came to me like that, there was a cry.

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Marianne Heikkila felt herself living under the strong guidance of her friend. Maria lived in her soul in both opera, classical and other music and loved being in nature and her family. He especially loved his own sisters, one of whom Heikila had the honor of blessing in marriage with an Orthodox father.

Heikkilä admired his friend's approach to life and his positive, optimistic presence.

– What a pure and genuine person Mary was. Spirituality gave him that basic positivity and the ability to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

– He doesn't want to be cynical and bitter when faced with life's difficulties. He understood that life is limited and everyone leaves sometime. Though brought to his knees and suffering great losses, he was not yet overcome with grief. “Manna, that sadness does not subside, it changes its form,” Maria always reminded. He invited sadness, let his wounds be exposed, so it must have been easy for people to approach him.

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