Marija Zaharova made a strange request

This article summarizes the most important events of the war in Ukraine since Friday, June 7, 2024. It was the 835th day of the war.

  • Putin: Russia does not need a movement
  • According to Financial Times sources, the European Commission wants to recommend that Ukraine start membership negotiations in June.
  • Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova says US weapons were used to attack civilians in Belgorod.

Zaharova made a strange request to Armenia

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Marija Zakharova made the request to Armenian parliamentarians at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

According to Russian media, Zakharova asked Armenia to hand over a list of names of those killed in Bucha, Ukraine.

– We very much hope that the Armenian delegation will hand over the list of these people to Russia. For two years we couldn’t get anyone, the UN. Also, we could not give a list of people who allegedly died there, Zaharova said.

According to Zakharova, Putin has been visited by “endless EU, American and Canadian delegations” with whom Russia has nothing to do.

On the other hand, Zaharova said that Russia maintains regular contact with Armenia.

Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Allen Simonian Commenting on Zaharova’s request, the Armenian delegation never visited Putsha.

In April 2022, the massacre of civilians revealed in Budsha shocked the entire world.

According to local authorities, at least 300 civilians were found in mass graves after Russian forces withdrew from the city.

Butsha’s assassination became a symbol of Russian war crimes. Russia denies its involvement and calls the events a provocation.

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Putin: No movement needed

Russian President Vladimir Putin told a plenary session of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that there is no need for mobilization in Russia and there are no plans for it.

– Pushing the enemy away from areas we need to gain control over. In this sense, we do not need to mobilize. We didn’t plan it, Putin said.

Experts have presented ArgumentsRussia needs a new initiative if it wants to pursue a multi-pronged offensive.

The Kremlin has repeatedly denied the allegations.

According to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, intensive recruitment of volunteers continues day by day.

US EVP General: Crimean bridge will be destroyed sooner or later

Former commander of US Army Europe Lt. Gen Ben Hodges Ukrainian media insist Kyiv Post In an interview about the importance of the Crimean peninsula in the Ukrainian war.

– The decisive part of this war was Crimea. I think it will take some time for Ukraine to completely free and occupy it.

– Finally [Kertšinsalmen] The bridge will fall, I have no doubt. When and how that happens is in the hands of the public servants or the leadership of Ukraine.

The Kerch Strait Bridge, which connects Russia to the Crimean Peninsula, has a great symbolic meaning for Russia and Ukraine. US evp general believes destruction of bridge is only a phase. In the picture, in front of the bridge, you can see the Z symbol, which is part of Russian war propaganda. EPA/AOP

Hodges also said in the interview that he did not believe Russia would use tactical or other nuclear weapons in Ukraine. He doesn’t believe the Russians are irrational, but they have always behaved in a completely predictable way, according to Hodges.

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– They are not crazy, but bad. And they have paid a heavy price throughout history.

FT: According to the European Commission, Ukraine is no longer corrupt

On Friday, the European Commission recommended that membership talks with Ukraine begin this month. Hungary, known for its pro-Russian stance, aims to show support for war-torn Ukraine before it takes over the EU presidency in July. says about it Financial Times Based on anonymous sources.

On Friday, the commission will announce that Ukraine meets previously endangered criteria regarding anti-corruption measures, assets of state officials and languages ​​of national minorities.

This month, the commission also wants to start membership talks with Ukraine’s neighbor Moldova, which became a candidate for membership after the war of aggression began. On the other hand, negotiations will not be started with Georgia, which received candidate membership status at the end of 2023. The reason is Georgia’s agent law, which is modeled after the Russian one.

Russia: US Himars rockets attack civilians

According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, US-supplied Himars rockets were used in an attack on a civilian target in Belgorod, Russia. A spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry made the allegation Maria Zakharova at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum on Friday, Reuters reports.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova made the allegation at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum on Friday. EPA/AOP

Biden: Ukraine can attack Russia, but not the Kremlin

US allows Ukraine to attack Russian soil with weapons it supplies. However, Ukraine should not attack Moscow.

This is what the President of the United States says Joe Biden Via ABC News In the interview.

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Stoltenberg: Ukraine has the right to attack Russia

Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg According to international law, Ukraine has the right to attack legitimate military targets in Russia in self-defense. Stoltenberg, who visited Sweden on Friday, commented on the matter.

– Ukraine has the right to defend itself. In this case it includes Russia’s right to launch attacks on legitimate, military targets on the soil of the attacking country.

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