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The small town of Kaski was left without a new factory. The CEO says the only reason the project was canceled was because the costs were too high.

The cardboard factory project planned by the Metze Board at Kaskisi had to wait for better times. CEO Mika Joukio says the strike was not the basis for the decision. Stock photo. Photo: Juho Teir / Yle

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The strike did not affect the Metze board's plans to cancel a cardboard factory planned for Kaskis in Ostrobothnia.

As the project was already well advanced, the factory was given a building permit.

The company announced its decision on Thursday.

– The pre-planning phase lasted about a year and a half, based on which we decided that the price tag for the project would have been too high, Metze CEO of the Board Mika Jukio He says.

CEO of Invest in Finland Andy Amo It is worried that the strikes will have a decisive impact on investment. The matter was also brought forward by the Minister of Economic Affairs Will Wrightman (kok.).

According to Jogio, this is not the reason behind this decision.

– The strikes did not affect the settlement in any way. Technically, the result was not difficult as the readings were very clear.

Demonstrators in Senate Square.

The strike is expected to make it difficult for companies to make investment decisions in Finland. Metsä Board CEO Mika Joukio says the strike was not the basis for Kaskisten's decision. Stock photo. Photo: Benjamin Sumola / Yell

Numbers are numbers

Did the original calculations go wrong after all? CEO Zhugeo declined to comment further on the numbers.

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– A year and a half ago, the first assessment was made, certainly not based on such precise planning as it is now. The final decision was made in the last few weeks.

The CEO didn't see the solution as a big disappointment.

– Business is business. We won't regret this for long.

A chemical paste factory continues

The settlement will have no effect on Gaskiston's existing factory, which produces chemical rubber. Chemihirre is a semi-chemical pulp made from wood chips.

– The current factory is very important for us. It serves our own production and the products are also sold from there, Jogio says.

In future, the company also plans to invest in Simpele, Kyrö and Sweden's Husum factories.

– Not all can be exported on one front, but all factories are being developed. Kaskinen is on the same list, solutions should always be carefully evaluated.

From Kaskis to Husum

In future, more chemical pulp will be exported from Kaskis to the Husum plant.

– Investments have been made in Husum, and since last year the demand for board production has been higher than ever. For that, we need chemical mortar exported from Kaskis.

Could Metsä Board one day return to the now shelved factory project? The CEO didn't dismiss the idea.

– If the project becomes topical, we will look at it. At the moment, however, Jogio says this is the situation.

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