Mexico’s presidential election has a historic result

A door-to-door poll suggests Mexico’s first female president will be sworn in.

Claudia Sheinbaum lines up at the polls on Sunday. Jose Mendez, EPA / AOP

Mexico’s presidential election was held on Sunday. In the elections, the Left Party was given the highest priority Claudia Sheinbaum. He led his main opponent in the election Xochitl Galvezia by 17 percentage points. Scheinbaum is a former mayor of Mexico City.

Polling stations were closed between Sunday and Monday night Finnish time. News agency AFP reported Monday morning that Sheinbaum would become the country’s new president, based on door-to-door polls.

The election could be considered historic because, if elected, Sheinbaum would be Mexico’s first female president. According to polling firm Encol, he will get about 58 percent of the vote and lead Galvez by almost 30 percentage points. Only male candidate in the election Jorge Alvarez Maynes It got about ten percent of the votes.

Although an official decision is still pending, the nation’s two major parties have declared Sheinbaum the winner, CNN reported.

Resigning President Andrés Manuel López Obrador Represents the same party as Sheinbaum.

Two people died in the polling station

Sunday’s polling was not entirely without problems. Local officials reported violence at several polling stations and two deaths.

One person was allegedly killed when outsiders entered the polling booth to steal ballots. Also, one more person was shot dead in the attack on the polling station. Both took place in the state of Puebla.

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