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NATO will be forced to respond to violation of Polish airspace, a military scientist assesses.

The missile that flew into Polish airspace on Friday is a stark reminder of the dangers of escalating the war, says a research analyst at the University of Helsinki's Alexander Institute. Ilmari Kaihko.

According to the Polish Armed Forces, the Russian missile flew in Polish airspace for three minutes on Friday morning, after which it returned to Ukrainian airspace. Poland later asked Russia for an explanation about the missile.

That same night, Russia fired more than a hundred missiles at various parts of Ukraine.

– If a missile landed in Poland and killed people, NATO should have activated an article, says Keiko.

According to Käihkö, by reminding them of the threat of an escalation of the war, Russia could try to pressure the West to more actively seek a solution to the war that would be pleasing to Russia.

If Russia deliberately violated Poland's airspace, Keiko thinks there could be several reasons. For example, Russia may have wanted to provoke a NATO country, Poland, or test its air defenses.

Ilmari Kaihko.

The missile was not shot down

Military expert, Lt. Col. evp. Juhani Bihlajama One wonders why Poland allowed the missile to fly freely in its airspace.

Pihlajamaa acted as Finland's security representative to Russia and Ukraine during the 2014 invasion of Crimea.

– Missiles must be shot down immediately and not be seen where they fly, Bihlajama insists.

According to Bihlajama, there would be no reason to react if a Russian missile was shot down in another country's airspace.

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According to Käihkö, shooting down the missiles carries an increased risk, which may have been the reason why Poland did not fire the missile.

– He says that if you accidentally shoot down a Russian plane, you will be in an unpredictable situation.

However, according to Käihkö, NATO is obliged to react to this matter in any case, for example, by strengthening Poland's air defenses.

Some indications point to a Russian missile

According to Käihkö, the timing of the airspace violation and Poland's strong reaction speak to the fact that it is impossible to verify from the outside that it was a missile launched by Russia.

– If a missile flies deep into Polish territory during a large-scale Russian missile attack, you can logically think that it means a Russian attack, Käihkö says.

In November 2022, two Polish farmers were killed when a missile struck the village of Bresvodov near the Ukrainian border. A Ukrainian missile is believed to have accidentally hit Polish territory while Ukraine was defending itself against Russian airstrikes.

According to Käihkö, Poland was very cautious in its positions at the time.

– Back then, people didn't shut up and start blaming Russia.

Keiko believes Poland has some evidence that this time it was a Russian missile.

– It involves fear of danger and spread of war. Presumably, all positions are well weighted. If they blame this on Russia, they can expect some evidence of guilt.

According to Bihlajama, if it becomes clear what type of missile it is, more information will be provided about the possible intent to violate Polish airspace.

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– This could be a matter of missile inaccuracy or the trajectory of the missile could be a deliberate test against NATO.

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