Milo, 4, found dead – now police suspect child welfare of a crime

Child protection measures are being investigated in North Karelia.

Police are launching a preliminary investigation into the violent death of a 4-year-old child in Jonsu, North Karelia.

The investigation investigates child protection measures in the North Karelia Welfare Region.

The decision to open a preliminary inquiry was based on a preliminary inquiry launched by the Central Crime Branch police in the summer of 2023. The preliminary investigation has revealed facts that lead to suspect the crime.

At the initial stage of the investigation, the subject is suspected of breach of official duty. There are several suspects in the case, the number will be identified during the preliminary investigation.

The stepfather intentionally caused severe burns to the child. Preliminary investigation material

4 years old MiloHe was found dead at his home on June 8. A stepfather had caused severe burns to a young child with a steam mop the previous day. After this act, the child developed a high fever and died the next night in his own bed.

The child's mother Muse Risanen The District Court of North Karelia sentenced her to 3 years and 7 months in prison for the child's death. Sithappa Sebastian Halonen26, was sentenced to almost eight years in prison for aggravated assault and aggravated manslaughter.

The case highlights the alarming situation of child protection in Joensuu. Iltalehti's report highlighted serious shortcomings in child protection measures.

A Plus article published in February revealed that at least one other case involving a young child living in shocking conditions for years had been dealt with in Jonesville. Dozens of reports of extreme concern were made about the child, but child protection officials never met the child.

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According to Avi's conclusion, there are shortcomings in the organization and management of child protection work in the North Karelia welfare region, which should be immediately corrected to ensure client safety.

Iltalehti has obtained permission from Milo's biological father through his lawyer to use the boy's name.

This is how it was in the apartment. Preliminary investigation material

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