Mina Akijirka's comment on Aida Vainio's appearance leaves others speechless

Miina Äkkijyrkkä made a special comment about Aida Vainio in the first episode of the season. Beware of conspiracy coming out!

Farm Finland – The program will already have a flying start in the first episode.

Archie Cruise and Ida Vainio's relationship begins to heat up on the first day of filming. This is observed among other competitors as well.

Enni Koistinen, Kirsika Simberg and Maina Akijirka discuss at the dinner table that Ida and Archie went for an evening swim together.

– I have a feeling that they are doing something else there, Kirsika laughs, pointing to Maina.

Mina Akijirka is a famous artist. Four

Mina is happy about the “young couple” of the season and the burning attraction. Then, unexpectedly, he makes a comment about Aida's appearance.

– That's tit for tat. That Ida.

– Yes… I feel annoyed, Kirsika says and laughs. Enni, on the other hand, sits quietly.

– It's not a bad thing, Maina clarifies her point.

– No no… Kirsika says with difficulty.

Ida set her sights on Archie Cruz during the Vainio season. Four

Known to music consultant Ilkka “Danny” Lipsanen, 2002 tango queen Johanna Bakkonen, former snowboarder Sami Jauhojärvi, doublecake podcasters Kirsika Simberg and Enni Koistinen, rock star Archie Cruz and sculptor Mikina. Farm.

Additionally, acquaintances from the Sohwaperunad project are pulling on the boots Michael NtimaSocial media influencer Mona Bling, singer-actress Viti Kallio, Ida Vainio who went public as Kulta-Aida, Left Coalition MP Merja Gillonen, media personality Valu Valpio, TV celebrity chef Linnea Vihonen and many more. Daniel “Pile-Dani” Lehtonen, known from Finland for Hattics and Temptation Island, and musician Sofia Zida.

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The Formi Suomi show starts at 8pm on Thursday, March 7 at Nelos and Screen.

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