Minister Lena Marie vetoes legislation that would criminalize Holocaust denial

Justice Minister Lena Marie (ps) vetoes bill to criminalize genocide denial. We are already behind schedule.

Justice Minister Lena Marie (ps) delays changes to hate speech laws. Also pictured are European and Rights Guidance Minister Anders Adlergrutz (R) and Agriculture and Forestry Minister Sari Essaya (R). Carolina Wooranmaki

Minister of Justice Lena Marie (ps) Finland commits to draft legislation to bring criminal law into line with the EU The end of the anti-racism framework requirements.

According to Iltalehti, Mary is blocking a bill that would criminalize Holocaust denial. The Holocaust refers to the mass extermination of Jews carried out by Nazi Germany and its collaborators between 1933 and 1945.

Over the weekend, Iltalehti announced how Meri abolished the task force that was preparing changes to the section of the Criminal Code dealing with incitement against ethnic groups.

Helsing's Sanomat newspaper said on Monday In practice, Mere abandoned the proposed government proposal to strengthen the independence of the judiciary in the constitution during this government period.

Standing at the minister's desk

Draft legislation on the criminalization of Holocaust denial was prepared in the Ministry of Justice as official work. Justice Minister Mere dissolved At the end of setting up the task force A separate legislative initiative to ban genocide has reportedly been launched.

According to Iltalehti's information, the completed draft presentation was already given to the minister two weeks ago. Since then, the ministry has been waiting for the Minister's political direction on the need for change or approval of the draft presentation submitted for feedback round.

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The program is delayed

Assembly plan As per the government's motion, it is to be tabled in Parliament on the 22nd week. According to the advisory instructions for legislative preparation, a minimum of six weeks should be allotted for the publication of the reports.

Iltalethi sought Justice Minister Lena Mere's opinion on the matter. He did not respond to a request for comment.

– Preparation of presentation draft is in progress. Taking into account the remaining stages in drafting the legislation, including the comment round, which has minimal time, the motion is unlikely to be tabled in the 22nd week, says the head of the Criminal Justice Division. Juicy doesn't get stuck From Ministry of Justice.

Report timed out

The six-week comment period will no longer be available before the final week of May when the motion is due to be tabled in Parliament. For its part, Finland has promised the EU Commission to submit legislative proposals to Parliament “by the end of November 2023” (pdf, pp. 40) and bring the laws into effect “after June 1, 2024” (pdf, s.5)

If the minimum time frame for the opinion round is respected, the motions will not reach Parliament before the beginning of June. He is the Chancellor of the Judiciary again and again pointed out The government of Petteri Orbo (Kog) was for a very short period of time.

The only concrete legislative measure directly related to racist crimes in the Orpo government's anti-racism manifesto last summer was the criminalization of Holocaust denial (pdf, pp. 12) The announcement was made due to racism scandals involving key Finnish ministers.

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