Minister Valdonen illuminates the expropriation of Helsinki Hall

Foreign Minister Elena Valtonen (Kog) thinks the government should expropriate Helsinki Hall.

Helsinki Hall’s destiny could be taken away. Mico Huisco

The foreign minister says the Finnish government is preparing to expropriate the former Hardwall arena, the Helsinki Hall. Elena Waldonen (cooking). He took a stand on the matter News service on X Regarding the meeting of foreign ministers of EU countries organized in Luxembourg.

– Voluntary sales of Helsinki Hall’s shares do not appear to be taking place, Valtonen writes.

– In addition to the voluntary share sale, the Ministry of External Affairs, in collaboration with the authorities, explored alternative ways to resolve the situation in the hall.

Alternatively, Waldonen refers to the sale of the hall building and the leasehold of the property, as well as expropriation.

– The compulsory recovery route is a long process, but it is starting to look like the option of a voluntary sale is being considered. Waldonen writes that there was no clear indication from the sellers that the hall was ready to be sold.

– The Ministry of External Affairs will find out how to prepare a special law (quickly) regarding the recovery of the hall. It is the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice to draft a law on redemption.

Barriers in the background

The present owners of the hall viz Gennady Timchenko And Rottenbergia The family is looking for a buyer for the hall. Owners are subject to Russian sanctions, forcing them to relinquish their ownership.

Foreign Minister Elena Valtonen (Kog) commented on the situation in Helsinki Hall. Stock photo. Inca Soweri

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By the end of June, it would have been possible to organize shops from the hall. In that case, the Ministry of External Affairs would have applied to the European Commission for permission to waive the hall-related sanctions. Time is running out now.

– The time to terminate the contract and issue an exception has expired. Officials should be given enough time to study and prepare the conditions for the exception permit and other official actions, Valdönen writes.

According to Valdonen, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received two exemption applications related to this material, but documents confirming the sale of shares have not been submitted.

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