Ministry of Home Affairs investigates exceptional law to block immigration at eastern border – Randanen believes in passage of law | principle

Exception law refers to a law that deviates from the constitution. The Home Minister is confident that the legislation will be finalized quickly and approved by Parliament.

The asylum seekers arrived in Finland on November 22, 2023 through the Kuhmo Wardius border crossing. Photo: Juha Kempainen / Yell

Laura Kangas,

Jari Stromberg

The Home Office is investigating whether immigration can be exceptionally intervened through tools on the eastern border.

The Ministry of Home Affairs is framing a legislative proposal to strengthen border security. Exception law is one of the methods explored in the project.

An unusual number of asylum seekers started arriving at the border between Finland and Russia last fall. According to officials, Russian authorities have actively helped migrants reach the border.

Memorandum of Ministry of Home Affairs According to instrumentalized migration, Russia uses migrants as a tool to put pressure on Finland and undermine Finland's security.

Due to the situation, the eastern border has been closed for passenger traffic till April 14.

The aim of the plan is for the government to be able to table a proposal for changes to the law in parliament as early as March.

Interior Minister Rantanen is confident of passing the law

home Minister Mari Randanen (ps.), the purpose of the exception law is to give the authorities tools to combat threats at the border if the situation becomes more difficult than the current situation.

– The aim is to prepare this with a very quick schedule so that the motion can be tabled in Parliament in March. It has not yet given detailed information on what the law entails. With a faster schedule, we will definitely get more information, says Randanen.

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– It should include possible means to prepare for more extreme situations where the current law does not have sufficient powers.

Although the production schedule is tight, work on the frame doesn't start with a completely blank slate.

– The municipality has been working very closely on the foundation all winter, so we will not start from scratch. It's mostly about the fact that we live in a timely and current security environment. This cannot be left undone.

In the Emergency Act and the Constitution, the fundamental rights of the people are challenged and Parliament has to weigh them. However, Rantanen believes that the law will be passed in parliament even with the complicated legislative process.

– Myself, I have the impression that the current security situation is very well known in Parliament and I understand very well what the issue is when talking about border security and instrumental entry into the country and related threats.

Enacting an exceptional law is more difficult than an ordinary law

An exceptional law means a law that conflicts with the constitution. This is attributed to the so-called complicated legislative process, which requires more MPs than usual to support the bill.

Generally, for a law to be passed, the law needs to receive more than half of the votes in the parliamentary vote. In a complex procedure, the bill must first be declared urgent by a five-sixths majority and then approved by a two-thirds majority.

Alternatively, the Act may be implemented in two different election periods. However, if the government proposes an exemption law, it can expect urgent implementation.

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Exceptions are usually temporary.

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