More than 200,000 protest in Tbilisi on Saturday – Georgian government plans to implement ‘Russian law’ on foreign agents | Foreign countries

With the law, the government can shut down independent non-governmental organizations and the media, just as the law has been used against civil society in Russia.

At least two hundred thousand people took to the streets of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, in anti-government protests on Saturday.

In a country of less than four million people, this is a big statement.

People are on the streets because they think the Georgian government is sabotaging the country’s EU membership process. According to the demonstrators, the government sympathizes with Russia, which wants to block Georgia’s EU membership by all means.

A similar situation existed in Ukraine ten years ago, when the country’s president sabotaged the EU process. People took to the streets and finally ousted the Ukrainian president Victor of Yanukovych Exiled in Russia.

Clashes between protesters and the government have been escalating since earlier this week. Georgia’s ruling party, Georgian Dream, will later pass a law on foreign agents in parliament.

Demonstrators plan to halt operations and block politicians from entering parliament on Monday.

Georgia fears the fate of Ukraine

Through Russian law, the government can shut down independent non-governmental organizations and media, just as the law has been used against civil society in Russia.

In Georgia, the law on foreign agents is known as Russian law. It is an anti-democratic law that blocks EU negotiations. A year and a half ago, Georgia was granted EU candidate status, as was Moldova.

Last year, the ruling party Georgian Dream tried to implement the same law, but the plan led to large street protests.

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This year, the law will be passed more decisively. Next fall’s elections also have an impact in the background. Without tough measures, the ruling party Georgian Dream fears it will lose the election.

Pitsina Ivanishvili delivered a speech in Tbilisi on April 29, 2024. Having made his fortune in Russia, Ivanishvili is Georgia’s richest man. Credit: Stella Pictures/ddp/abaca press/Davit Kachkachishvili

The Georgian Dream is an oligarchy Pidgina of Evansville Creation. The richest man in Georgia. He made his fortune in Russia in the 1990s.

According to opponents, Ivanishvili is still promoting Russia’s cause in Georgia.

Georgia is in a difficult position as Russia’s neighbor. Russia has occupied a fifth of the country since the 2008 war.

Georgia is truly afraid of the fate of Ukraine. If Russia attacked Georgia, it would be difficult for the small country to defend itself.

Without EU and NATO membership, Georgia must balance next to its neighbors waging a war of aggression.

Opposition figures were misused

Police have used heavy handcuffs and tear gas during protests in Georgia.

In recent weeks, Georgian opposition politicians and activists have been attacked even outside demonstrations. For example, a former ambassador Kia Jaberidge Severely abusedas well as Gorchi party politician Boris is a teacher.

The caning is said to have been conducted on the orders of the ruling party.

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