More than fifty people missing after earthquake in Japan – foreign countries

Tens of thousands of people are still without electricity and water in the quake-hit area.

Officials say more than fifty people are still missing after a devastating earthquake hit Japan three days ago. Also, more than 12 villages have been cut off due to landslides caused by the earthquake.

At least 78 people died and around 330 were injured in Monday's 7.6-magnitude earthquake. The earthquake was followed by hundreds of aftershocks.

Three hundred people waited for emergency help at a school in the city of Oya, in the Susu district of the Noto Peninsula, after the worst earthquake.

– Even if I give all the food to my children, it is not enough for everyone. “I haven't eaten in almost two days,” said the mother of three in her thirties Asahi Shimbun to the press.

In Ishikawa Prefecture, on the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, about 29,000 homes were without electricity and more than 110,000 without running water.

As the critical 72-hour deadline has passed, rescue workers are also scrambling to find survivors in the rubble of buildings.

– The situation is very difficult. However, the Japanese prime minister said he would urge all efforts to save as many lives as possible by the evening of the 72-hour deadline for the accident. Fumio Kishida At the board meeting on Thursday.

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