MTV Survey: Stubb clearly leads Havisto

According to MTV Uutisten's survey, Becca Havisto still has a long way to go to reach Alexander Stubb's approval ratings.

A recent poll by MTV Uutisten says that 56.9 percent of respondents will vote for Alexander Stubb in the second round of the presidential election, and 43.1 percent for Beka Havisto. The study was carried out by Åbo Academy.

– Havisto's road to the presidency looks tough. Stubb's neck is too big, says the Apo Academy professor Kimmo Grönlund to MTV. Grönlund is also an election expert for MTV Uutisten.

Alexander Stubb is the early favorite in the polls. Atte Cajoa

This is how votes are distributed

Looking at the age groups, Havisto is the candidate for those under forty who have the right to vote, and Stubb for those over forty. The survey says that women vote for Havisto and men for Stubb.

Among those who are undecided about their candidate and plan to vote, 54 percent will vote for Stubb, according to the survey. Excellent Jussi-halla-ahoa MTV says voters are still undecided.

According to a HS poll published today, Stub will get 54 percent support and Haavisto 46 percent.

Becca Havisto still has a lot of work to do. Atte Cajoa

According to the poll, Stubb lost the vote in the second round Halla-Ahoa, Ollie Rehnia, Sari Essayahia, Harry Harkimova And Mika Aldola From those who voted. On the other hand, Haisto will gather votes Talk about urban And Li Andersonia From those who voted.

4,157 people responded to the Åbo Academy's survey, of which 3,042 named their candidates. The statistical margin of error is 2.4 percent in one direction.

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The response period is January 29 – February 4.

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