MTV Uutiset follows Kultanen Venla Gala: Sunday Lunch is back

Golden brown The gala is being celebrated today, Friday January 26. During the evening, the Television Academy will reward the best shows and their creators of 2023 in a total of 23 different categories. In addition, a prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award is presented, which is presented for outstanding career in domestic projects.

MTV Uutiset follows the gala events in this article.

The gala night will be hosted by a glittering pair of stars Marja Hindika And Ile Uusivuori. You can watch familiar screen faces from different channels present the awards. The live broadcast starts at 19:30 on MTV Katsomo and MTV3 channel.

20.40 2023 program and documentary series Linda. Linda Lampenius, the main character of the documentary, took the stage to receive the award. The last time he got an award in Finland, he said, was for the most useless celebrity in Finland. Lampenius broke down in tears during his speech.

20.35 The News and Current Affairs program of 2023 is Yle's MOT programme. They shared the gift Khatri And Aki Rihilahti.

20.26 2023 drama series Poromafia.

20.20 2023 Comedy Series MTV's Sunday Lunch!

20.19 You get the director of the year award Mika Kurvinen From the Poromafia series. The series can be found on MTV Katsomo. Andy Kurvinen was emotional in his acceptance speech.

20.15 They will get the Screenwriter of the Year award Hannu Gonduri And Anti pesonen Four of themFrom the Siege series. Hannu Gonduri accepted the award.

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20.08 Yellen's Friday speech in 2023 They shared the gift Chord And Toby Borg. Awardee Sean Riggs Accepted the award along with the task force.

20.02 Game Show Grandmaster of 2023!

19.55 The 2023 lifestyle program is MTV's Grand Designs Suomi. Awarded Jorma Eutinen and Linda Lampenius. The host accepted the award Samba Lapalainen.

19.48 Women's World Cup 2023 was awarded for the best sports event of the year. The award was presented by the actors. Elena Liev And Zarco Niemi.

19.40 The program of the year will be presented first. The award was shared by Salgarid Jodi Maija-Liisa Peuhu And Esco Covero. UMK23 won.

19.36 The host couple Marja Hindica and Ile Usivuuri Kultanen open the Venla Gala in a spectacular fashion. Spectacular. Many public figures can be seen in the audience, Linda Lambenius, Mika Tomola, May Day PM, Katja Ståhl, Pia Pendala, Tobias Ziliacus, Riku Randala And Armaan Alisad.

Golden Venla Gala on Friday 26 January 2024 from 19:30 MTV Katsomo and on MTV3 channel.

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