Muslim League declared victory in Pakistan elections

Nawaz Sharif The Muslim League (PML-N) on Saturday declared victory in the Pakistan elections. The PML-N won the most seats among the registered parties, but independent candidates still had a majority.

On Saturday morning, when counting was underway, independent candidates had won 100 of the 266 parliamentary constituencies.

Of the independent candidates, 89 were considered to be strongly associated with another former prime minister who is in jail Imran Khan And to the PTI party he founded.

The PTI was not allowed to contest elections as a party, so its candidates contested as independents.

By Saturday, the Muslim League had secured 73 seats and the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) 54 seats. Minor parties won 27 seats.

“We don't have enough majority to form the government, so we invite other parties and candidates who won the elections to cooperate with us,” Sharif said at the party office in Lahore.

Khan's party was accused of electoral fraud

Independent candidates cannot form a government on their own. Instead, three days after the election, they can form an alliance with any other party.

PTI released an AI-generated video on social media claiming that candidates loyal to the party had won the election.

– Independent sources say we were about to get 150 parliamentary seats before the election results were falsified. Khan said in a video that used real footage from a year ago and AI-generated speech.

Pakistan's powerful military called for an end to the conflict.

– Elections are not a zero-sum game where you win and lose. The Commander said the nation needs a steady and healing hand to move forward from the politics of anarchy and conflict. Syed Azim Muneer According to a statement issued by the Army.

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