My own goal in the closing moments of the European Championship took France to the quarter-finals

The opening period was even and included a few half-time goals. Belgium captain Kevin de Bruynen The cross from the free kick is first straight in, but the French keeper Mike Mignon Stretched for good footwork. Marcus Durham But then Jules Count Not focused by force.

France started the second half a bit faster. Aurélien Tchouaméni He forced the goalkeeper to save with a spinning long shot. Kylian Mbappe A couple of times after that it got to a good drawing level, but the efforts went a bit to the book.

Belgium also had its seams against striking. On the hour mark Yannick Carrasco It’s time to drive already Kevin de Bruynen From initial work to By Theo Hernandez A last-minute sliding tackle saved the French from a setback.

In the 70th minute Romelu Lukaku Driven towards, but cut off by Mignon. Moments later, at the other end of the field, Mbappé went into the penalty area, but the ball was caught. John Vertonghen The French gave the captain instant feedback, which led to a small skirmish between the two. Swedish judge Glenn Nyberg He wanted to talk to both of them before the situation got out of hand.

In the 82nd minute of the game, it was De Bruyne’s turn to make things difficult for Migna when he dribbled full force from the edge of the penalty area. However, the company was very much in the middle.

With just five minutes left in the game, the substitute scored the winner Mwani town A hero’s cape on his shoulders – at least implicitly. The French striker turned inside the penalty area N’Golo Conte After pass and burn. The shot bounced off Vertonghen and was marked as his own goal.

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France have scored three goals during the European Championship. Two of them were created by the opponent and one was created by a penalty kick.

No more goals were scored in the match, and France progressed to the quarter-finals. France will meet either Portugal or Slovenia in Frankfurt today.

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