Navalny's death was precisely timed – “Putin is talking to you”

The European Parliament has heard the Russian protest over the death of Alexei Navalny.

– He's talking to you. He has a clear message. “I can do this, I can kill whoever I want,” says the deputy director of the Free Russia Foundation. Vladimir Milov to the European Parliament.

According to Milo, the death of Alexei Navalny at the same time as the start of the Munich Security Conference was no coincidence, accident or accident. He says now is a good time for the West to act, and that Vladimir Putin “understands” the language and needs to respond proactively.

– You need to send a strong signal that will elicit a strong response. This is for Navalny's legacy and we must ensure that it (the legacy) is respected.

Putin fears the true number of opponents of the war. According to Milo, he killed Navalny because of that fear. Putin also wanted to send a message to citizens by killing the opposition leader before the election. Milov reminds us that in old polls Navalny's support was clearly higher than Putin's, which is why the Russian leader “liked him for days”.

Milov recalled that Navalny's popularity was also visible on the streets. The men went on a walk before Navalny was poisoned, and then ordinary Russians repeatedly stopped them in Moscow. According to Milo, Navalny was interested in everyone and not arrogant.

– He said that both of them will talk about politics later, but now they have to talk to the citizens.

Opposition parties are mobilizing

On Thursday, the European Parliament debated the state of the Russian opposition, conditions in the country's prisons and the death of opposition leader Navalny. Navalny died in prison last week.

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In addition to Milo, parliament also questioned the head of Navalny's anti-corruption agency Leonid Volkovy and a political prisoner Vladimir Kara-Murzan wife Eugenia.

Participating remotely, Volkov told parliament that the opposition had not yet had time to put together a clear strategy for how they would proceed after Navalny's death.

– We are not yet ready to present our new strategy. We are working on how to keep his legacy alive.

– We don't want his legacy to go to waste.

Volkov spoke harshly about Putin's leadership, saying it was an unfair lump. According to him, it is necessary to see with his own eyes how the Russian regime that Putin built is being destroyed. According to Volko, this is the best memorial to Navalny.

Kara-Murza, the wife of a political prisoner who continues her husband's work in jail, is on the same path. Navalny was “one of the best” who “gave us hope,” he told parliament.

– Now we have to work even harder to achieve his goals.

– We still have people who can help. Save them so they can build a future and a democracy, Kara-Murza concluded her speech.

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