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President of the United States Joe Biden He plans to discuss the continuation of his presidential campaign with his family on Sunday NBC News.

After Thursday’s election debate, Biden’s chances of winning the election are in doubt. Biden remained silent on the debate. And his voice faded into inaudibility several times.

other things The New York Times He urged Biden to withdraw from the presidential race.

Those in the Biden family believe that the only person who can persuade Biden to give up the candidacy is his wife. Jill Biden.

– The decision is made by two people: the President and his wife. A source told NBC that anyone who doesn’t understand the personal nature of the decision has no idea about the situation.

According to another source, Jill Biden is the only real influence on the president’s decisions.

– If he decides to change direction, the source says, the direction will change.

In addition to the presidential couple, their children and grandchildren will participate in Sunday’s debates.

Many Democratic politicians have privately expressed concern about the president’s chances of victory, even as they publicly support him.

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