Nepalese mercenaries are fleeing from the Russian army

This article summarizes the most important events of the war in Ukraine since Thursday, May 2, 2024. It was the 799th day of the war.

  • Ukraine's foreign minister thanked the US for support, but said it would come too late.
  • The US accused Russia of using a banned chemical gas weapon in the war.
  • Ukraine strikes against Russian energy facilities.

Ukraine's foreign minister criticizes the West

– Ukraine's foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, said, “Unfortunately, Ukraine's allies are behind schedule.” Foreign policy In the interview.

Kuleba expressed gratitude for the help, but preferred to criticize Ukraine's supporters.

– We must accept reality and recognize that Russia is very effective in its war efforts, he said.

If the West can't invest in supporting Ukraine, Kuleba asked, how will it fare in other wars?

The US has finally given Ukraine a $60 billion aid package. With Russia in the lead, which now enjoys material superiority, Ukraine will need significant arms assistance.

According to Kuleba, it was time for Europe to take the lead in supporting Ukraine.

Arms aid boosts the morale of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians, Kuleba said. However, he reminded that Ukraine will have time to suffer from ammunition shortages before aid arrives. Ukrainian artillery is currently no match for Russia.

– Frontline artillery bombardment needed to halt Russian advance.

In addition, Ukraine needs air defense systems. According to Kuleba, Russian ballistic missiles are a problem for Ukraine. Ukraine's infrastructure has been badly affected by Russian attacks.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba thanked the aid but criticized its delay. AOP

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The US has accused Russia of using chemical weapons

According to the United States Russia is using chemical weapons in Ukraine.

International treaties prohibit the use of chemical weapons.

US says Russia is using chloropyrin. Chloroprene was an asphyxiating gas used in World War I.

The use of chemical weapons was not an isolated incident, Russia's aim, according to the US, was to drive Ukrainian soldiers out of their positions.

Switzerland: Russia not invited to peace talks

The Swiss government said on Thursday it had not invited Russia “at this stage” to talks in Switzerland in mid-June to bring peace to Ukraine.

– According to Reuters, Switzerland strongly believes that Russia should be involved in the process, the Swiss government said in a statement.

According to Switzerland, the peace process would not be possible without Russia.

Last month, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin The Swiss made a mockery of the peace conference.

– They didn't invite us there. And they think that there is nothing for us there, but at the same time they say that nothing can be determined without us.

– Putin told the news agency that it would be funny if it wasn't so sad AP: n When he met the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko April 11.

Ukraine has again attacked Russian energy facilities

Russian officials say Ukraine has attacked Russian energy infrastructure in the Oryol and Kursk regions with a drone.

Governor of Kursk Region Roman Stavorite At around 11pm local time on Wednesday, a Ukrainian drone strike damaged power lines in the village of Bonyar. As a result, electricity was cut off in the area.

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A few hours later, Oriole's governor Andrej Klitschko Downed drones reportedly damaged power plants in Glazunovsky and Sverdlovsk regions. As a result, electricity was cut off in many houses.

Also Governor of Smolensk Region Vasily Anokhin It says the region's energy infrastructure was targeted by Ukrainian drones. No injuries were reported.

Claims by Russian officials have not been independently verified.

Ukraine's attacks against Russian energy facilities have drawn criticism from the United States. US officials have made it clear that the US does not support Ukraine's attacks on oil refineries. US officials say the strikes could threaten the global energy market.

Ukraine: Nepalese mercenaries escape from Russian army

Kyrylo Budanov, head of Ukraine's military intelligence. EPA/AOP

Ukrainian military intelligence agency HUR says mercenaries from Nepal are escaping with several Russian units fighting in Ukraine. This was reported by Ukrainian Broadcasting Company Suspilne.

According to intelligence reports, the mass exodus of Nepali soldiers was due to heavy casualties, brutal treatment by field officers and non-payment of promised money.

– Teams of Russian occupiers are actively searching for fugitives in the occupied territories of Ukraine, especially in the Luhansk region, but this process usually does not yield results, the HUR report says.

According to HUR, the leaders of the Russian units explain in their reports to their superiors that the reason for the escape of the Nepalese mercenaries is that they “went to their homeland because of the earthquake”.

Nepal has requested Russia not to recruit its citizens into the Russian army. Nepal asks Russia to repatriate Nepalis who have already been deployed.

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