Newspapers tell of shady dealings seen in Finland in recent weeks – break-ins to water treatment plants, a fake doctor trying to break into health centers | News Fin

In Finland, water treatment plants and water supply facilities have been broken in recent weeks. Durgu Sanomath (TS) And Ilda-Sanomat (IS) Made news.

According to TS, the Varsinais-Suomen welfare area (Varha) has sent a warning message to its employees about the national security situation. According to the newspaper, Southern Finland’s emergency response center said in a news release that two water treatment plants located in its area were breached last week. The police are said to be investigating the matter.

The TS said it was also on alert about a fake doctor who tried to enter two health centers and wanted to connect his laptop to the health center’s fixed network. According to the newspaper, both health centers are not in Varha area.

According to information from IS, two floors of a water distribution plant located near the center of Tampere have been breached in recent weeks.

In May-early June, a water tower was breached in Desoma, Tampere, and in mid-June a pressure boosting plant was breached in Herwanda.

CEO of Tampere Water Company Petri Jokela Confirm transactions to IS. According to Jokela, the suspected criminals entered both the places.

A booster plant located at Desoma in Tampere has also been broken up. Criminal reports have been filed in both the cases and preliminary investigations have begun, according to Jokela.

It is not known if the stories of TS and IS are related or if they were involved in any sabotage.

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