No condolences for Finnish researcher Navalny's death – “not worth wasting a tear”

Charlie Salonius-Pasternak did not mourn the death of Alexei Navalny.

Charlie Salonius-Pasternak is a lead researcher at the Institute for Foreign Policy. Pete Anikari

Charlie Salonius-Pasternak, a leading researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute, did not mourn Alexei Navalny's death.

The 47-year-old Russian opposition leader's death under mysterious circumstances has flooded social media with condolences. Almost all heads of state and heads of various organizations have condoled Navalny's death.

Salonius-Pasternak stands out.

Head of Sustainable Development and Trade Liaison Unit, Ministry of External Affairs Will Contell X wrote his feelings after hearing about Navalny's death.

– He is a Russian nationalist. It is not worth wasting a single tear because of him, replied Salonius-Pasternak.

Salonius-Pasternak also redistributed the presidency of the republic Sauli Niniston condolence In his message, written in English, Salonius-Pasternac marvels at Niinisto.

– Am I the only one surprised by such news about the death of a Russian nationalist?

Salonius-Pasternak's message also gained understanding.

Iltalehti tried unsuccessfully to reach Salonius-Pasternak for comment on his news. Iltalethi would have liked to inquire into the reasons for the vision that stood out from the others. In addition, Iltalehti would have asked if Navalny's stance meant nothing as a sign of Russian opposition to Putin's regime.

Alexei Navalny is dead. ILTV

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