Noora Rutdy: “I'm throbbing a lot”

Noora Ratti participates in the special forces program shown in Nelos.

Noora Räty is one of Finland's best female ice hockey players. Kimmo Brand / AOP

Noora Räty, one of Finland's ice hockey stars, immediately found a connection with Elina Gustafsson in the Special Forces program.

The two bedded each other, which is why Rattie warned the former boxing pro.

– Then I whined a lot, Ratty threw to Gustafsson.

– Let it burn, then I can, replied Gustafson.

Gustafsson shared the clip on her Instagram account and said that the two's friendship started from that moment.

– But hey, luckily there was a gas mask in the bag, Ratty joked again.

If the embed is not visible on your device, you can view it From here.

The Special Forces program involves 15 contestants participating in a boot camp to prepare for the Special Forces entrance exam.

Ratti, 34, is one of Finland's most successful ice hockey players of all time. Ratty has won two Olympic bronze medals, a World Championship silver and four World Championship bronze medals in his career.

Chinese club Shenzhen Kunlun Red Star announced in November that Ratty will become the club's goalkeeper coach. Räty played with the same team from 2017 to 2022 and celebrated a WHL championship with the club.

He has previously participated in Finnish reality television shows. Among other things, he won form in 2020. He was also seen in Survivors.

Gustafsson, 32, ended his professional boxing career in 2020. He won EC gold and WC bronze in his career. During her career, she suffered from depression, an eating disorder and feelings of inadequacy.

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Elena Gustafsson ended her boxing career four years ago. Atte Cajoa

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