Norway gets hit by hurricanes – Finland gets its share too

Storm Ingun has produced tornadoes of 50 m/s in Norway. It's easy to get to Finland, but the wind can get very strong on Thursday.

Storm Ingun, which reached hurricane strength, hit central and northern Norway overnight Thursday, and Finland is also taking a share of its destruction. Wind speeds will also increase in Finnish waters, and gale-force winds may blow over land to the west and north.

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Low pressure is moving towards Finland, but the 40-50 meters per second cyclone seen in Norway has not arrived here. Windy weather will continue through Friday morning.

– Low pressure snow and sleet will hit Finland from the night before Thursday. Strong south-westerly winds are also expected in the maritime areas of Finland, especially in Pärämere. On the night before Thursday, meteorologist Forga said that the wind will be practically strong in Finland Anna Latvala He says On the weather blog.

– According to the current forecast, the situation in Finland does not look particularly bad, but in practice individual trees will fall, branches will break, and power outages are possible.

Areas of rain will move from west to east on Thursday. Daytime temperatures vary from 0-3 degrees in the south to -3 degrees below zero in the north.

The weather will freeze after the area of ​​low pressure recedes on Friday. The weather clears and the wind weakens.

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– Friday will have clear and cool weather, but the next low pressure will already affect Finland at the end of the week, Latvala says.

The sun will appear in many places on Saturday. In the southern and central parts of the country, temperatures can rise up to five degrees, and some places in the north can reach positive readings.

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