Now a former victim of a suspected knife attack in Olu is speaking out

The Oulu stabbing suspect has a background in the Nordic resistance movement. Don Koivulakso highlights the US announcement on Friday that it will designate the terrorist organization in question as a terrorist organization.

– Especially as a parent, the most horrifying thing about this is the former left-wing politician and activist’s view that such violence is directed at a child. Dawn Birch Valley A 12-year-old child was stabbed in Olu.

Koivulakso was attacked by the suspect with a machete Juhani Sebastian Lamzan In July 2012 he was gassed at an event related to the Oulu North Pride event.

Dan Koivulakso sees far-right acts of violence as interconnected. Stock photo from 2012. Joel Mysalmi

Birculaxo is one Right in Finland – About the authors of the book. In January 2013, Lämsä and two men entered an event about books at the main library in Jyväskylä and stabbed one of the event’s organizers. Koivulakso was not in the library at the time of the event, but two other authors of the book, the current president of the Left Union, were present. Lee Anderson Mixed Michael Brunilla.

Lämsä got a verdict for both cases.

Lee Anderson brought up Lamsa’s involvement in the Zyvaskyla library stabbings in his X News thread.

– In addition, we know that the suspect has committed several serious crimes in the past, the 2013 Jyväskylä library stabbing in a discussion with my friends, Andersson writes.

If you don’t see the update, you can check for it From here.

An ardent neo-Nazi

– This suspect [Lämsä] is not so interesting to me, but what he represents, says Koivulakso.

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Lämsä has a background in the Nordic Resistance Movement (PVL). A Supreme Court ruling in 2020 ordered the abolition of neo-Nazi activities in Finland. However, the organization continued to operate under the new name.

The cause of the stabbing in Oulu is still unclear. One of the police’s lines of inquiry is whether the backgrounds of the suspect and the victim are related to the act of violence. The Central Crime Branch police registered a case due to Lamsa’s background.

The split highlights the fact that the US announced on Friday that it would designate the Nordic Resistance Movement as a terrorist organization. The US State Department’s Global Terrorism List, for example, includes the Islamic terrorist organizations ISIS and Hamas.

– Finally, Koivulaakso says that this list and the fact that the organization is still operating in Finland after the ban should raise public awareness of the existence of such political violence.

Koivulaakso also points out that last year, for the first time, convictions were handed down in Finland for the crime of far-right terrorism.

“It’s not about individual cases”

It has been more than ten years since the gas attack and library stabbing. According to Koivulakso, neo-Nazi activities are not isolated incidents.

– They are ideological, they are connected to each other, and they happened for a long time, he says. He says there is reason to be politically concerned about it.

According to Koivulakso, the activities of the far right have been debated for a long time.

– Instead of a debate, he says, authorities and political decision-makers should intervene more strongly in such activities.

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Juhani Sebastian Lamsa has been convicted of involvement in the 2013 Jyväskylä library stabbing and the 2012 Oulu gas attack. Mika Rinne

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