Now a terrible heat wave has started

The second heat wave of the summer is coming, and it’s going to be especially scorching, according to Forkan meteorologist.

The exceptionally long warm season of May 2024 brought people to Hytanemi Beach in Helsinki. Film from Monday 27.5. Joel Mysalmi

Meteorology Marcus Monticannas warning On the Foreca blogThe second heat wave of summer comes after midsummer, when high pressure rises over northern Europe.

– Be careful with adequate hydration and sun protection at the beginning of the hot season. In the southern part of the country, the sun’s UV radiation is predicted to be strongest by the end of June.

As per the forecast, there will also be warmer temperature readings. According to meteorologist Forkon, the mercury in Finland will rise to 30 degrees. In neighboring Sweden, a roasted pipe thickens the country’s attic with flames reaching 35 degrees at its worst.

– It is necessary to position ourselves to make the arrival of the second terrible heat wave of the current summer. Daytime temperatures of 30 degrees and possible tropical nights are especially miserable for risk groups and make others feel miserable too, writes Mäntykannas on Forga’s blog.

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The meteorologist advises to take care of adequate hydration and sun protection. Photo taken on May 27, 2024 from Hietaniemi Beach. Joel Mysalmi

The previous heat wave began in May, the hottest on record, and ended on June 6. After this, the summer in Finland was spent in mild temperatures.

Despite this, the current month of June has been hotter than usual, as seven warm days have accumulated on Midsummer’s Day. The average temperature for June is eight days. However, June loses out to May as May has 16 less hot days.

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This is how it starts

A little later in the middle of summer the burning heat pipe starts. On Sunday, temperatures around 20 degrees can be experienced across the country. It’s a bit cloudy in the south, the sun is shining in Lapland. On Monday, the central and northern parts of the country will see heavy rain and temperatures will still be around 20 degrees. However, in Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso, there is already a small chance of lightning on Monday.

Tuesday starts the heat wave and the heat wave is sure to hit large areas at least in southern and central Finland. There is still uncertainty in the European forecast for how far the heat will last in the north.

– Somewhere in northern Finland, I think we’ll see a border zone of wind that sweats to the south and freezes to the north in the last week of June. Rain and thunderstorms occur in the boundary zone of air masses, and sometimes this zone can flow from northern Finland towards central Finland, Mäntykannas writes.

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Temperatures can even rise to hot during a hot tub. chart. Rosa Broger

As June approaches, it gets hotter. Starting Thursday, the 30-degree mark will hit southern Finland every day. According to the current forecast, maximum readings are around 28-32 degrees.

– In central Finland, the predicted readings at the end of June will vary between 25 degrees and in the north the variation is more severe, as temperatures in the forecast range from 10 to 25 degrees, says Mäntykannas on Forga’s blog.

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A meteorologist focuses on neighboring countries in the forecast. If the forecast comes true, temperatures in Sweden and Norway could rise to rare or exceptionally high readings.

Forca’s 15-day forecast shows no clear signs of a cold snap at the moment, although readings in early July look a bit milder than late June. However, the weather forecast in two weeks is very uncertain.

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