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Finn Klaus McKella has been named conductor and music director of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, USA. The New York Times.

McKella, 28, will become one of the youngest conductors of a major orchestra in America when his five-year term begins in 2027. McCauley is the youngest conductor ever in the 133-year history of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

– I take it as an honor, I'm very excited, Makhela said in an interview published by the orchestra. With an Instagram account.

Having started as a conductor at the age of 12, Mekhela has spent more than half of his life conducting orchestras.

– I didn't think about that. Music really has no age, Mäkelä said in an interview with the NYT.

According to the NYT, management of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra was secretly listening to and watching McCullough perform in concerts in New York, San Francisco, Tokyo and Oslo. They presented Mäkelä with a work just published in February 2023.

At the same time as Best in Chicago, McKella was also starting in Holland as Principal Conductor of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Mäkelä currently conducts the Oslo Philharmonic and the Paris Orchestra. His term in Oslo and Paris ends in 2027.

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