Now police have found bodies shot in the head at a favorite Mexican vacation spot

According to the state attorney general, the bodies found most likely belonged to missing surfers.

The city of Ensenada is a popular vacation spot for Americans because of its proximity to the US border. David J. Mitchell / Alamy Stock Photo, AOP

The bodies of three missing surfers have been found at a Mexican beach resort. The surfers’ deaths are being investigated as homicides because, according to the prosecutor, gunshot wounds were found to all of their heads.

Two Australian and one American surfers have gone missing while vacationing near the tourist resort of Ensenada in Mexico. They were last seen alive on April 27. Two days later, they were reported missing, and authorities with the help of the FBI launched a massive search.

Three bodies were found in the area this week. Attorney General of the State of Baja California Maria Elena Andrade Saturday said the remains belonged to the missing surfers. Their family members went to Baja California to identify the bodies.

– Andrade says there is a very high probability that the bodies are those of the three missing people, taking into account certain characteristics such as their clothes and long hair and other physical descriptions, news agency AFP.

Andrade said the bodies were found at the bottom of a well more than 15 meters deep. On Sunday, he confirmed that all had gunshot wounds to the head.

A botched carjacking is suspected as the motive for the murder. A burnt pick-up truck was found near where the bodies were found.

3 people have been arrested on suspicion in this case.

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The missing Australian brothers were on a surfing holiday in Mexico with their American friend. The brothers’ mother expressed her concern when she couldn’t communicate with her sons on a Facebook page aimed at Baja California tourists.

Baja California is a popular vacation destination, especially among American tourists, with its attractive beach resorts less than a two-hour drive from the US border. It is one of the most violent states in Mexico due to organized crime groups.

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