Now that’s going to be tough, Granlund and Puljujärvi!

Finland–Switzerland 1–3.

Harry Chatteri


“Jeez” wasn’t enough for the Lions goal this time. Now we need recovery and stretching the limits of our own abilities.

Emile Larmey



Ollie Mata

Detroit Red Wings

Defense is more than adequate. On the ice during the opening goal, but it didn’t involve Matta. Low power kills.

Jesper Mattila


The goalkeeper clashed with Sater in Switzerland’s opening goal. Hard to protect, but not impossible.

Mikko Lehtonen


Raised his overall appearance from the previous match. Safe puck play and defense.

Brother Matty Vitasmaki


Solid defensive game. The weak got the responsibility. In places, he successfully participated in construction.

Rasmus Risanen


Finland’s best collections are back. The situation did not change for a moment. You will also be liable for insufficient power.

Oliver Caskey


Uncertainty puck plays in one’s own head. When the team’s offensive game fell through the cracks, the strength didn’t emerge.

Juuso Riikola


Surprising difficulties in defense and opening game at times.

Vili Charijarvi


In its own pack, the puck sided, but handled the pucks, which led to Switzerland’s attacks.

Saku Menalan


As a tough player, you won’t be left behind against any opponent. Will the jobber score against Sweden?

Hannes Björninen


Viiksvallu game is basically safe. Perhaps somewhat coincidentally, success on the “front line” and on the offensive end defines a lot.

Becca Jormaka


Like the rest of the team, they fell at Switzerland’s feet, but not really through any fault of theirs. Smart solutions.

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Today’s victory


It finally managed to finish the way the entire nation had been waiting for, but unfortunately remained a dead end in the chain of number one. Lots of puck losses on flat field.

Michael Granlund

San Jose Sharks

No complaints until he took a completely insane trip. The damage is done, but the fact that the cone is burnt, the accident will cost you dearly if there is a suspension.

Iiro Pakarinen


He certainly makes very smart decisions, but he can’t be on the offensive end Thought of tea For my own sake To his chakra man.

Patrick Bustola


Be responsible for the results, but can’t be dangerous. An errant pass crippled Finland.

Oliver Kapanen


Even though the punishment was fair, he took him to jail. Great job on the opening round. Couldn’t get points against tough countries.

Jesse Puljujarvi

Pittsburgh Penguins

In the previous game, talking to Jalonen on the bench and now blocking the puck was not tasty. Modesty in word and deed is a different matter.

Juha Jaska


A perfect powerless game. Even on a flat ground it doesn’t hit its own. No expected goals either.

Artu Hyeri


Same words as Jaska, whose pair was short. Leijon’s future stable name?

Consta Helenius


In a difficult situation, after being benched, they were included in a difficult game. Compared to expectations, it was a positive match.

The lions were laid at the feet of Switzerland. Leasima below

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