Now the prices of many electric cars have suddenly dropped

Tons of Stellandis cars have been discounted in Finland.

With a starting price drop of around 9,000 euros, the Opel Astra Electric is now available to more people. Earlier, only the fully equipped version was available. Jacco Isonimi

Auto-Pan, which imports Stellandis Group cars to Finland, says it will cut its prices “a class below”.

– With our wide selection, we want to be the number one in the Finnish electric car market. The best way to do that is through customer-friendly pricing, which we'll move on to in a moment. At the same time, the price difference between electric and combustion engines is very small, and an electric car is truly an option for more and more new car buyers, says Auto-Pan CEO. Marcus Wool The bulletin justifies the price cuts.

Among the brands introduced by Auto-Pan, Citroen, Fiat, Jeep, Opel and Peugeot have received new prices. Alfa Romeo, its first electric car, and the DS are not included in the just-announced drops.

Some of the price cuts are very modest, while others are quite large. For example, the Jeep Avenger, winner of the European Car of the Year award, sold for €40,000 a year ago and is now available for as cheap as €39,000.

A lighter alternative is now available from the Opel Astra Electric. The hatchback sells for 39,400 euros and the station wagon for 41,400, before asking 9,000 euros more. The models are not directly proportional, because the equipment differs significantly, but in any case, the new, beautiful Astra is now available to more people.

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There is also a big drop from the starting price of the Citroen e-C4, which starts at 34,400 euros in the Flow equipment level. Before this, the lowest version of the collection was 41,800 euros, a drop of more than 7,000 euros. Initially, the Shine trim level was on sale, priced at 44,600 euros, and now the top-of-the-line Maxx level car is available for 39,900 euros.

The price of the station wagon Peugeot E-308 SW has also been drastically reduced, now starting at €42,590. The previous price was almost 4,000 euros more. The price of this particular model was barked up among others during Iltalehti's test drive.

The Peugeot e-308 SW does not charm at its price, it now costs four thousand euros. Jacco Isonimi

The little lion E-208 has enjoyed a downward revision of a good 2,000 euros and now costs 35,000 euros at its lowest price. And the price of this car is the worst aspect of the car in IL's rating. If you are interested in the Opel version of this car, the Corsa Electric costs 34,000 euros new.

The price of the Fiat 600e, which is not on sale, has also been reduced. This car was launched last month. The new price is 39,000 euros, which is 2,400 euros less than before.

Story edited at 11:01: Citroen's pricing information has been clarified.

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