Olivier Caskey scored a hat-trick to give Lejonat a win against Latvia

Finland beat Latvia 3-2 in extra time yesterday, and the teams meet again today on Thursday. Latvia already looked strong after leading the game 2-0 in the third period, but Finland rose after midway through the third period and broke through when Oliver Kaski opened the scoring.

The 2019 world champion silenced the crowd in Riga with three wins in four minutes and 24 seconds. Caskey scored his first and third with one shot, and in between he tuned a sharp wrist shot.

A pair of bodyguards Rasmus Risanen and the attacker Consta Helenius Each started with two hits. Striker Julius Mattila Got a favor.

Latvia's goals were also scored by one player. Harold Eckley Dominated both, the first set in the opening set and the second set. Ralf Freiberg And Robert Packard Collected two assist points per man.

Latvia was a sensational team at last year's World Cup. It achieved the first World Cup medal in its hockey history, bronze.

Next up, the Sweden matches

Finland play Sweden in their next four matches. First, the teams will meet next week in Zyvaskyla on Thursday and Mikkeli on Friday.

Preparations are also underway for the World Cup in the Czech Republic in May.

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