Olli Rehn shook the receipt at Yle, criticizing Jyri Häkämää

The centre's presidential candidate and voters' association Yle commented on the criticism he received from EK's CEO Jyri Häkämiehi in the election exam.

Olli Rehn, candidate for the head of the Voters Association and Center, suggested in his blog that the Petteri Orpo (kok) government should back off from the plan to make the first sick day unpaid. Joel Mysalmi

Center and electorate president candidate Ollie Rehan Comments from the CEO of the Federation of Finnish Business and Industry, EK From Jiri Hakamahi The review he received in his personal exam at Yle on Monday.

Häkämies criticized Rehn on Yle's Politiikkaradio for overstepping the president's constitutional powers when guiding the government on labor market proposals. Heckamis mentioned Rehn's blog, where Rehn suggested it Peter Orbon (kok) The government will back out of plans to make the first day of sickness unpaid.

Stubb was confused

– After my speech, I thought it was positive that the candidate was also a colleague Alex Stubb (kok) took a stand on labor market issues, albeit in a slightly different direction. In this case, CEO Häkämies did not criticize Stubb at all. They seem to have the same party membership card, Rehn admitted to Hakama, a former coalition minister.

Rehn noted the opening of the job market for the coalition's presidential candidate, Alexander Stubb, at Ilda-Sanomi's election fair.

Prime Minister Peter Orbon (kok) Restrictions on the right to strike and political strike, among other things, the program of government calls for. Stubb said in an interview at the election fair that he did not want to interfere. Stubb's position therefore differs from that of his own party's coalition in government.

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Stubb added that he would in no way condemn the Ai movement, social partners or other actors who strive to improve Finnish society.

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