One denied that the shooting took place near Bar Ihku

A sign prohibiting shooting has appeared in the center of Helsinki, attached near the spot where MP Timo Vornanen fired his gun into the ground.

A sign prohibiting street shooting appeared in the center of Helsinki.

The sign is located at the intersection of Salamancatu and Andingatu, near where MP Timo Vornanen was shot to the ground two weeks ago.

In addition to the text, the blue sign has an image representing an eye, which is attached to a frame that matches the logo of the city of Helsinki.

The eye of the sign was previously seen on the streets of Helsinki. Yle Said a few years ago about stickers designed by a Finnish designer Answer Oxman.

Oksman confirmed the identity to the former Ilda-sanom, that the eye logo shown in it was designed by him. According to him, the frame was added by someone else.

Oksman contacted IS and said that although he did not know who attached the sign to the post, he thought it was correct.

– Previously, skating was banned in many places. Now Kampi seems to have become a shooting range where people come from the country to shoot, Oksman IS said.

In his response, Oksman also mentioned another shooting incident nearby, where a 16-year-old shot and killed a man who cheated on him at a drugstore.

In March, the teenager was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison for attempted murder for overriding emergency protection.

A sign in the center of Helsinki prohibits shooting. The sign is near the spot where MP Timo Vornanen was shot to the ground. Johnny Korbela

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Night shooting

On April 26, around 4pm in Helsinki, the shot of Timo Vornasen, the MP elected to parliament from the Basic Finns list, rang out in front of Bar Ihku.

No one was injured in the shooting with the pocket gun.

Vornanen was arrested and released two days later. As a result of this incident, he was removed from the parliamentary group of Basic Finns.

Worna, who has a police background, is suspected of endangerment, unlawful threatening and firearms offences.

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