OP: Upward pressure of nearly ten percent on fares at spring general meetings – news

OP estimates say that housing companies' fees are increasing by an average of 5-8 per cent in AGMs this year. The largest expense in the treatment bill is material heating, so a cold start to the year increases the pressure to increase.

Building societies have also seen spending increases this year. Director in charge of OP Finance Group SMEs Heikki Beltola It estimates that pressure to increase compensation averages 5-8 percent.

The increase in costs is particularly affected by housing association heating solutions, with heating costs typically accounting for 40 per cent of housing association costs.

– Electricity prices are lower than they were a year ago, but if the housing association's previous low-price contract expires, that could increase costs. District heating prices rose by more than ten per cent last year. Now depending on the location and ownership of the thermal plant, there is increased pressure on district heating. Either way, the cold start to the year has increased energy consumption for heating, Beltola says in a press release.

Increases in water and waste charges and real estate taxes will certainly bring upward pressure.

Rising energy prices have increased interest in energy retrofits. Based on OP Uusimaa's project flow, energy renovations have increased in recent years.

– The general rise in costs, especially the rise in the price of energy, forces us to look for savings targets. The liability perspective is certainly a driver of its growing importance. However, I would say that the more significant reason for the reconstruction is the cost savings, OP Uusimaa's bank manager Janne Koivunimi He says.

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Rising energy prices have fueled the debate on energy retrofits. Despite the interest, government energy subsidies ended at the end of last year and will inevitably delay the start of some repairs.

– The OP considers it important to continue renovation works and repairs in housing associations in order to avoid the accumulation of repair and financial needs, i.e. the so-called repair debt. Taking care to implement the repair plan over a longer period of time is generally in the interest of stakeholders and should clearly look beyond the five years required by law in terms of repair needs. “It's the best way to keep the cost of living amazing,” says Beltola.

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