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Rescuers were alerted at around 2.30 pm.

The damaged charging station is located in the yard of Kakur City Market in Oulu. Photo: Janne Körkkö / Yle

A person has been injured in connection with the maintenance work of a charging station for electric cars in Kakururi, Oulu.

The injured person was an electrician working at the charging station. An electrical arc occurred in the electrical cabinet, and the installer received an electric shock in connection with it.

When rescue services arrived, the installer was conscious. He has been referred to Olu University Hospital for further tests.

Metsokankantie is marked on the map near Oulu.

This happened in Metsokankandi, Olu. Photo: Miia Antila / Yle, MapCreator, OpenStreetMap

The situation poses no danger to others. In the beginning, there was a risk of the fire spreading to the following cars. A fire broke out in the lawn due to an electrical short-circuit. The guard put out the grass fire, which was about one square meter in size.

Rescuers were alerted at around 2.30 pm. Nine emergency services units were dispatched to the scene. Two units performed the mission at the target.

An electrician was called to the scene and turned off the power to the damaged charging station.

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