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Fury erupted on social media when Päivi Rantanen shared calculations of her monthly income and expenses.

Lahtalainen Piwi Randanen He has caused outrage on social media by speaking openly about the support he received.

Randanan is known by many for his frugal lifestyle and last year he was named Investor of the Year. She is a mother of five and has an Instagram account called Kolmio kuküde where she shares her savings tips. The account has over 58,000 followers.

In his latest release, Randanan opened up about his budget for the month of December. He said his income this month was more than 6,800 euros and his expenses less than 2,800 euros. Expenses considered, among others, mortgage expenses of 705 euros and 328 euros.

According to him, Rantes had more than 4,000 euros in savings and investments. Of that amount, he invested over 600 euros and saved 3,400 euros. With his savings, Randanan plans to pay off his mortgage.

On Instagram, commenters drew attention to the support Randon received. Randon gets housing allowance, home maintenance allowance and child allowance plus the increase for single parents, as well as start-up money. The amount of housing allowance alone is over 575 euros.

Commentators wondered how it was possible to get housing allowance on Randan's income.

– I cannot understand how with such business income, owner-occupied apartment and investment apartment, you can still get housing allowance, someone writes.

Some have accused Randa of abusing Kela's support system.

– Investor of the year and amassing his own wealth with the help of the community, commented one.

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– How dare you move up the stairs on that income, another asks.

– This gives the impression that every possible euro should be saved and partly at the expense of social subsidies. But those of us who do not earn the same amount under €600 per month, if they receive it, will take it into their account and put it in savings, writes a third.

Randanen IS claims that his household benefit is literally thrown into disarray. However, he points out that business income of more than 4,000 euros comes from six months, not just December.

– As an entrepreneur, income really varies. There are months when there are no invoices, and then again there may be more business cooperation, Randanen says.

According to Randanen, there are high income thresholds for receiving housing allowance in Finland. For example, a single mother of four with an income of more than €3,000 can get €300 in housing allowance, he says.

– Those income limits are very strict.

On the other hand, the housing allowance received by the entrepreneur is determined according to the YEL income, which the entrepreneur can define himself. This means that, in principle, even an entrepreneur with a large income can raise the housing allowance. Access to support will not be affected, for example, starting payments or child benefit.

The housing allowance of Päivi Rantanen, who works as an entrepreneur, will be canceled after 2024.

Randanen A number of commentators say they think it's a good thing he brought up the housing allowance he received and questioned it.

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In her Instagram post, she replied to a commenter that in her case, raising housing allowance was “morally wrong, but legally right”.

– I think it is good to point out such flaws. I hope the government will work hard to eliminate such grievances, says Ranthanen.

With the YEL reform, the income of entrepreneurs will be continuously monitored and verified after 2024. The goal of legal reform is to ensure that the entrepreneur's income corresponds to the value of the entrepreneur's labor input in the future.

Public housing allowance will also fall next year, and payments for owner-occupied apartments will end in 2025.

Therefore, the Housing Allowance that Randanan gets for his owner-occupied flat will also end after 2024. Until then, he plans to increase the subsidy.

– Payable under certain conditions and I will increase the housing allowance when the conditions are met. I like to be prepared because you never know what next year will be like. Work is not guaranteed.

December Initially, Rantanen said on Instagram that he planned to save 15,000 euros in the next year. Already at that time of publication, people were wondering about the housing allowance she received.

Randanen found himself at the center of a social media storm earlier this year when he claimed he had taken a week-long spa vacation for his family from a Solaris vacation over the summer. It was reported then evening newspaper.

It is about holidays aimed at low-income people funded by the Social and Health Organizations Assistance Center (STEA). For example, Rantas was accused on Instagram of taking a place from a low-income family, even though he appeared to have the money to pay for the vacation with his own money.

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