Pelicans' Golden Helmet Ryan Lash feels left out of early season lineup: “It's a good decision” – LIIGA – 20.01.2024 – Interviews –

The Pelicans, looking to break their club history, extended their winning streak to eight games on Saturday as they defeated Tappara 4-2 at home. All the wins in Pipeline came in real game time.

Pelicans forward Ryan Lash Thapara, who won, was satisfied with the team's performance in the match.

– It was a good performance from us. The top team in the league is the top team, we are satisfied with our performance as we were able to play like that.

Despite a strong team performance, the nature of the match was once again Pelicans Adu Jamson, who finished with two goals in the opening set. The second hit is a clean style air crank. Known for his soft hands, Lash recognized Puck's talent.

– He has the potential to be a game changer. When he plays, I think he's one of the toughest players to play one-on-one. I haven't seen such a talented player in a long time.

For Lash, seeing an aerial goal was the first of its kind.

– It was the first time I saw a goal scored like that on the spot and it was special for me. But that's what Jameson is, he's got tremendous talent and I see him only getting better from here.

The Pelicans' poor early season is a distant memory at this point, but when asked about their early season struggles, two things were key factors: a busy schedule and a lack of practice.

– We had the worst match schedule at the beginning of the season, which I have seen in my professional career. We got to travel and play a lot and it felt like a complete joke to be honest. We couldn't train to get into the shape we wanted. Also, we didn't get to practice how to play, which would have been important especially when we had so many new players.

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– I see those two things as the biggest factors. When the competition schedule was quiet, we were able to train properly. We're skating really hard in practice right now and Monday and Tuesday we can go to the range and work on our game. The amount we've been able to train now versus the early season – we played a lot of games without quality training – is the biggest reason for our current position.

Abandonment from the assembly

4.11. Before the national team break, the Pelicans played a match in Jyväskylä, which can be considered as a turning point to change the current mood and trend of Lahti people.

Lash did not play in that match at the decision of the coaching staff and the striker takes his hat off to the head coach for the decision. To Tommi Niemelä. According to the attacker, that free weekend was essential.

– This is a good decision by Tommy. Of course, I wasn't happy about it at the time, but Tommy noticed that I wasn't at my best and I experienced it myself. I was trying to do too many things on my own and not play the game I needed to play to help my team.

– I wanted to play well and try to help the team as much as possible. However, on the other side of the coin sometimes it can go in the wrong direction and you start making wrong decisions. So Tommy taking care of the situation and giving me a chance to reset the situation helped me a lot. I came back stronger and understood better how he wants me to play and how I can play better for the benefit of the team. It was a big decision for him, but a good one.

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Lash was his team's top scorer with 3+35. The playmaker, who constantly creates situations, has not scored goals but has amassed a commendable number of assists. Personally, he feels he has played reasonably well since the start of the season, despite the tough times.

– Since the beginning of the season, I played well at times and was able to create goalscoring opportunities for my teammates. I think the biggest thing is the improvement in our scoring ability compared to the early season. At the beginning of the season, we couldn't get the puck out of places, but now we've finished even better, you can be satisfied.

In addition, Lash highlights the fact that the team suffered a lot of injuries in the early season, which affected the play of fives and better powers.

Finally, Lash shows off his hat to his chain friends To Patrick Carlson Mixed In Lars Brigman.

– The three of us do different things and that helps us all play from shift to shift. We all have our special talents that combine to create good things. Our chemistry also matches perfectly, so it's exciting.

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