PM Yelella: Russia has not changed its strategy on the eastern border

The situation on the eastern border is calm, but Russia has not changed its strategy regarding instrumental migration, the prime minister said. Petteri Orbo (kok.) with power During the PM’s interview session on Sunday. Orbo confirmed that the government is bringing its proposal as replacement legislation to parliament next week.

– It was built with diligence. “There are no political issues, the challenge is that it is very difficult to make because it is an exceptional law,” the Prime Minister said.

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On Wednesday, Orpo met the leadership of the parliamentary committees regarding the conversion law. According to the Prime Minister, parliamentary groups have a similar picture of the situation, and Orpo estimates that the opposition has a “very broad readiness” to adopt the law.

According to the Prime Minister, Finland reacts quickly and decisively to Russia’s actions on the eastern border.

– We have given a clear message that we will protect our borders. We have said that we will develop additional instruments with legislation to take care of the security of the land border.

Due to the peaceful situation, Finland cannot leave the task of strengthening border security unfinished.

– We know that Russia has not changed its policy. If we open the border post, people can come there, and there is every reason to believe that they will.

Orbo said it is up to Russia to normalize the situation. However, cross-border traffic may be deliberately opened to him if the exception law comes into force. According to the Prime Minister, there is currently no large-scale rapid opening.

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Western intelligence sources have warned that Russia is plotting sabotage attacks in Europe. According to Arbo, Finland is prepared for “various evils” from the Russian side and protects its critical infrastructure well.

– This is Russia’s game. They want to shake our faith with this slander and slander. It won’t work. Our support for Ukraine is wavering and we will not waver anyway.

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