Police suspect Björn Wahlroos of the crime

According to information received by MTV Uutisten, the suspicious activity took place last year.

Björn Wahlroos was not reached for comment on the matter. Mico Huisco

Financial influencer Björn “Nalle” Wahlroos is suspected of defamation, reports MTV News. According to media reports, the suspicious activity took place last year and the request for an investigation was filed after last summer.

A criminal report was registered last year in connection with the matter. According to MTV, police have not reached Walrus for questioning. MTV did not reach Walrus for comment on the alleged crime.

A person handling Walrus' affairs reportedly told MTV via email that Walrus does not normally comment on matters.

Walrus is known as a businessman, having served as chairman of the boards of Nordea, Sammo and UPM-Kymmene. Walruses are known to live mostly abroad and visit Finland only a few times.

Defamation may be suspected if a person makes an unsubstantiated claim or insinuation about another person. Defamation can also be considered other defamation, for example, defamation.

Defamation can be fined. Compensation can also be awarded if damage has been caused by this action.

Björn Wahlroos talks about his favorite series and how it fits into real life. Mico Huisco

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