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Police cleared a demonstration by the environmental movement Elokabina in the center of Helsinki after a three-hour traffic stop.

Public transport was already running, but private car traffic was allowed to ply only in Kaivokatu, Saimankatu and Mannarheimindi after 8 pm. The rest of the protesters were diverted to the corner of the shopping center Forum.

Police arrested a few dozen protesters.

– Safe and unhindered movement prevented. Also, the organizer has not followed the agreement made with the police and moved away from it. Inspector says you should never have been on the road Heikki Borola From the Helsinki Police.

According to the police, the traffic jam is unreasonable and dangerous.

According to Borola, the police will not say the exact number of arrests this time because the information has been used against the police in the past.

The reporter was there Marjata Roushan Around a hundred people were arrested as police escorted them with two buses and police cars. A bus can carry around 40 people.

According to August Rebels, a total of 140 protesters were arrested during the evening.

Traffic was disrupted in the evening

A demonstration by environmental movement Elokabina halted traffic around 4:40 p.m. At that time, according to police estimates, there were about 1,000-2,000 people at the intersection of Mannarheimindi and Kaivogadu.

– We wouldn’t allow it, but they don’t seem to care. Protesters veered off the path and stayed at the intersection, Borola said, since early evening.

The protest, which started in front of the Parliament building, marched through Mannerheimindy to cut off traffic. Photography by Jukka Lehto, editing by Jukka Goski.

According to Borola, the place is not legal. The police instructed the demonstrators to leave the street by 6 pm. Two protesters were taken away by the police.

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At 18:40 the police announced: “Police ordered to end the meeting and disperse the meeting. Get out of the way. “

The protesters shouted.

– This is not a meeting, this is a demonstration. We have the right to protest on the road. Before limiting the right to protest, the disruption to the road must be significant.

At around 18:45 hrs the police started clearing the street area by picking up the protestors. A Swedish climate activist also got involved Greta Thunberg was carried away.

According to the demonstrators, the reason for canceling the rally was that the trams could not run safely.

The police removed the protesters from the street.

Police officers carry protesters off the tram tracks.

Greta Thunberg is controlled by the police.

Opponent I did not bark According to the protesters, they wanted to demonstrate in the street area. They decided to stay at Mannarheimindy as the police forbade them from going to Kaisanimi roundabout.

Karjalainen criticized the police’s decision to clear the street area because the police had been notified in advance that the demonstration would end at 9 p.m.

The police have already warnedExpression of opinion may cause significant traffic inconvenience.

The protest demonstration started at 3:00 PM in front of the Parliament. From there, the procession was planned to proceed to Kaisanimi roundabout, where, according to the movement, it was intended to block car traffic. But the traffic was stopped earlier.

Elokabina's storm warning demonstration in Mannerheimintie.

Expression of feeling of rebellion against Mannerheimintie. Photo: Silja Vitala / Yle

Police instructions were not followed

Circumstantial Chairman, Chief Commissioner Jarmo Heinonen Police have directed demonstrators to Varzapuisto in Kaisanemi, but say they will not be allowed to take to the streets.

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Demonstrators have different views on why the procession was halted at Mannarheimindi and Saimangattu junction. Some think the police stopped, while others consider the stop arbitrary.

The situation is confusing as no one knows what will happen next.

The top management of the Helsinki Police, the Chief of Police, is in Mannerheimintie To Jerry Lee and Deputy Superintendent of Police Heikki Koperoinen.

Some of the protesters are sitting on the street and some are standing behind. Demonstrators shouted propaganda slogans but allowed trolleys to pass.

HSL had earlier announced that the demonstration may affect the operation of trams 1T, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 in the city center area from 4 to 8 pm.

At 6:30, the police negotiate with riot organizers and emphasize that the street area is not safe.

Elokabina's storm warning demonstration in Mannerheimintie.

Elokabina's storm warning demonstration in Mannerheimintie.

Elokabina's storm warning demonstration in Mannerheimintie.

Elokabina's storm warning demonstration in Mannerheimintie.

Elokabina's storm warning demonstration in Mannerheimintie.

Elokabina's Storm Warning Demonstration at Parliament Buildings.

Climate activist Greta Thunberg spoke at the Parliament Buildings

The demonstration took place in front of Parliament for about an hour and a half. Among others, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg spoke at the event.

Police have been in talks with organizers about where the procession route will take to the Kaisanemi area, but have now deviated from the agreed route.

– We do not accept roundabouts and roadsides. That is the starting point, says Borola.

According to Borola, the police agreed in talks with the organizers that the demonstration would be held in the Kaisanimi Park area.

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The environmental movement is waiting for the government’s response to its demands regarding the termination of government subsidies that are harmful to the environment. Elokapina is protesting in the center of Helsinki on Friday and Sunday this week.

Elokabina's storm warning demonstration in Mannerheimintie.

Demonstrators of Environmental Rebellion, Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg in front. Photo: Silja Vitala / Yle

Police: There was calm in the Parliament complex

Police said that the event which took place in front of the Parliament building was peaceful.

– So far, so good. The police had negotiated with the organizer in advance and it was agreed not to take to the street, Jarmo Heinonen, the chief inspector of the Helsinki police, commented earlier.

According to the police, the confession is not always kept to the end.

– If the law is violated and the fulfillment of other fundamental rights is in jeopardy, we will restore the legal position by reasonable means. Sometimes it takes some time, sometimes less time.

Elocaphina musquivaroitis demonstration at Parliament Buildings.

Elocaphina musquivaroitis demonstration at Parliament Buildings.

Elokabina's Storm Warning Demonstration at Parliament Buildings.

Greta Thunberg speaks at the Elokabina storm warning demonstration at the Parliament Buildings.

Heinonen insists that the police are not a party to the protests and that the police will not run out of patience.

– More than that, opponents decide what happens today. The police do not escalate situations into conflict, we protect demonstrations and the exercise of fundamental rights.

According to Heinonen, Elokabina said that causing a disturbance and confrontation with the police was aimed at getting maximum attention for his case in the media.

You can watch Mannerheimintie’s demonstration from Yell Arena. Photography by Jukka Lehto.

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