President Niinisto comments on conversion law in A-Studio: The most important fundamental right to live in safety | A studio

President Sauli Niinisto has assessed that changing international agreements is practically impossible.

President Sauli Niinistö assessed in A-Studio on Wednesday that the central fundamental right is the right to live in safety.

President Sauli Niinistö At A-Studio on Wednesday, he commented on the conversion law, which would allow asylum seekers to be sent back to Russia from the eastern border. According to Niinisto, an important fundamental right is the opportunity to live in security.

– When we have to measure the security of all in relation to the special rights of some, it is a very difficult question, the president made in Studio A on Wednesday.

Niinistö says that as early as 2016, Finland will have to consider whether it can pass legislation that conflicts with fundamental and human rights obligations. At that time, a large number of asylum seekers crossed the eastern border to Finland.

Niinistö says he said at the time that the authors of the 1951 Geneva Convention did not know that refugees could be misused for power political purposes.

– When I spoke about it in Parliament, it came out very strongly, Niinisto recalled.

Niinistö assesses that changing international agreements is practically impossible. However, they can be interpreted in different ways.

– After all, they are mostly based on interpretation.

President of the Republic Alexander Stubb He said earlier on Wednesday that he was positive about the border law being drafted. According to him, asylum law does not work in today's world.

Niinistö: Not asked to mediate labor market dispute

Nainisto said on Yle's 8:30pm newscast and talks at A-Studio that he could act as a kind of mediator in the labor market's tumultuous situation. Niinistö said he had not been asked to mediate a labor market dispute.

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– Name may be specified. No one is listening, Niinisto said in the 20:30 news.

At A-Studio, Niinistö was asked if he would like to be invited to such a task.

– Unfortunately, there are some other tasks now, the president answered.

Niinistö said he followed the labor market dispute with unpleasant feelings. According to him, those who are not involved in any way are now suffering financial damage. Niiinistö also said he hoped the situation would not cause deep injuries.

The SAK announced today, Wednesday, that the political strikes will continue for at least another week.

Prepares a report for the European Union

Niinistö said last week that he was preparing a report for the EU on improving the crisis resilience of European communities.

President of the European Union Commission Ursula van der Leyen He said he asked Niinisto for a report because Finnish society is known for its regressiveness.

A-Studio's broadcast can be seen at Yle Areena.

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