Putin’s ace about Russia’s losses in Ukraine

According to Putin, Ukraine will lose more troops than Russia in the war.

According to Vladimir Putin, Ukraine’s losses are greater than Russia’s. Anton Vaughanov / Poole

President of Russia Vladimir Putin The AFP news agency reported that Russia inadvertently disclosed personnel losses in Ukraine.

On Wednesday, Putin met with heads of international news agencies in St. Petersburg to share information about fallen and captured soldiers in the war in Ukraine.

Putin declined to disclose how many soldiers Russia lost during the war of aggression, but said Ukraine’s losses were many times greater than Russia’s.

According to Putin, the ratio of “irretrievable losses” between Russia and Ukraine is five to one in Russia’s favor. The veracity of Putin’s apparently deliberately omitted statement could not be verified.

Independent Russian media Moscow Times Judging from Putin’s statement, it was calculated that at least 130,000 Russian soldiers had fallen in the war.

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Again the American think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW). He says In his daily review, Putin’s slippage means losses of about 20,000 soldiers a month on the Russian front, 5,000 of whom have fallen.

According to the Ukrainian military, it has “destroyed” more than 516,000 Russian soldiers since Russia began its war of aggression in February 2022.

Ukraine claims to have destroyed more than 7,800 tanks, nearly 13,500 guns, 833 air defense systems and 357 aircraft.

Ukraine and Russia do not publish their own losses. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky agreed However, by February 31,000 Ukrainian soldiers had died during the war. Zelensky did not say the number of injured soldiers.

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