Raimo Sumanan Gets Straight About Referees – Ice Hockey

According to Raimo Sumanan, the umpires melted at the Young Lions tournament.

Department of Justice He sent a guard of young lions Caspar Coulonmen A two-minute ice shelf to hook in the decisive moments of the final set was Finland's fate in Thursday evening's World Cup semi-final.

The USA inoculated with superiority, taking a 3-2 lead and putting the Young Lions in a tight spot. Finland failed to equalize in the final two minutes, sending them into the bronze medal match.

Hockey expert With Raimo Summa Note what happened to the Swedish referees in the final round.

– They calmed down, Summanen says.

– Umpires may have softened pad or glove touches to American players' faces. The American soldiers responded dramatically to them. That's why the referees whistled the poor guy to the decisive spot.

During the final set, American players were shown several times being hit in the face with a bat or glove. However, once the jury had already held a meeting, Jäähyja Finland did not blow the whistle.

According to Raimo Sumanan, the judges were not successful.

JudgmentIts defeat comes at the forefront of this year's World Junior Championships.

– Technology has arrived and it helps correct a lot of umpires' mistakes. And yet, there seem to be more and more mistakes. It's a wonderful thing, I think.

According to Sammanan, the referee stirs up a lot of emotions as it has become very difficult to score goals while playing on a level playing field.

– It's a matter of entertainment value, as teams usually play very close on flat pitches. If the whistle is not blown accurately, there will be almost no goals.

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Finland They will face the Czech Republic in the silver medal match. Sweden and USA will meet in the final.

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