Rika Burra finds an ant tumor – Professor: “Pretty unusual”

According to political history professor Markku Jogisbila, it is too early to judge how the ruling parties will perform in future parliamentary elections. However, it is safe to bet that the pension debate will not increase support for the ruling parties.

According to Finance Minister Rikka Burra (PS), pension cuts could be implemented, for example, by freezing indices. Tina Somerborough

Finance Minister Rika Burra (ps) In an interview with Iltalehti on Saturday, April 6, he said that the government may also cut pensions. Professor of Political History Markku Jokispilän Accordingly, it's safe to bet that cutting pensions won't increase support, at least in the main government parties.

– After all, we have long had a situation where pensions are a sacred matter beyond adjustment discussions. Burra openly sharing these thoughts and sharing them publicly is an interesting special discussion, says Jogisibila.

Business representatives EVA It released its proposals on April 3 About pension cuts and raising the retirement age. According to Jogisibila, everyone knows about raising the retirement age.

– It comes at a point. It is mandatory. But the usual political instinct of self-preservation is absent from that discussion. Now there is an active debate in a special way.

Last fall, among others, the Minister of Social Security Sunny Gran-Lasonen (Cooking) said According to H.S, as per government policy, pensions are exempt from the cuts. As the scale of adaptation requirements increased, the tone of the conversation changed.

– When tough and difficult decisions like these are made, the structural crisis is said to be turning into “government negotiations 2.0”, Jogisibile assesses.

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According to Jogisibila, the support of the largest left-wing party will be more than 21.7 percent. Vesa-Matti is wrong

Are senior voters being duped?

Turku Academy Research Accordingly, it was the retirees who persistently voted for the coalition. Jogisibila points out that it is rare for any government to say in advance what the government's agenda will include.

– In terms of voter consumer protection, it is reasonable to be notified in advance of reduction measures affecting income levels. But in this case, as circumstances and assessments change, it is a wise policy to refresh views and dig new tools from the toolbox so that the voter can relate to this situation.

According to information that has become public, the pension cuts are precisely what caused the tensions between the government groups.

Goodbye to right-wing government?

Published in According to a party poll conducted by Taloustuikma on Friday, April 5, the SDP came out on top with 21.7 percent support. However, according to Jogisibila, it is too early to judge whether the current right-wing government will continue for another term.

– A lot of things are going to happen. According to the philosopher Niccolò Machiavelli, it may be the behavior of government to do undesirable things as soon as possible after coming to power. It remains to be seen what happens after all this. If the government gets the employment effects of the reforms right and we get 75,000-100,000 new jobs, the situation will look completely new.

Member of Parliament of the Alliance Ville Valkonen He said the consequences of politics.On the podcast, the SDP's rise to the top means that the government has to move faster in promoting key reforms. According to Jogisbila, Valkonen's ideas are exceptional.

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– Generally, polls of government parties have new readings every month, and the real coup is every four years, when we go to the polls. Of course, the parties follow the readings, but if the contents are determined according to the support polls, it doesn't work that way.

Wille Valkonen wants to speed up the government's reforms, as the SDP topped a party poll published by Yle. Lake OUTI

Counter attack by Left parties

If the leftist parties come to power, will the reforms of the current government be destroyed with a strong hand?

– Of course, what will happen in the next parliamentary elections remains a mystery. When you think about what normally happens when a government changes, as a rule, governments don't begin to substantially remove the laws of their predecessors. Of course, laws that have been found to fail have been repealed.

According to Jogisibila, it is not customary to remove the law of predecessors for ideological reasons.

– Opposition parties may be secretly satisfied with some of the government's decisions when such painful decisions are taken. If the government continues to overturn its own support through these reforms, it will be a win-win situation for the opposition.

“Dangerous Land”

In general, interventions in the level of pension protection and raising the retirement age have caused more noise among voters.

– From the point of view of maintaining political support, they are actually dangerous ground because it affects a large number of people. Plus, the idea of ​​an average pension is that it's already funded and earned by working, so it evokes a lot of emotion.

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Jogisibila mentioned that there is a different mood in politics now. The instinct of political self-preservation is put on the shelf and even serious issues are treated openly.

– This is very exceptional.

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