RKP’s Henriksen leaves government – disagrees with government’s immigration policy

RKB’s Anna-Maja Henriksson will give up the leadership post and the ministerial post. He is applying to the EU parliament, where he will develop a different immigration policy than the government.

  • In its EU election programme, the ruling party RKP takes an opposite position than the Petteri Orpo (kok) government’s line on immigration.
  • The RKP wants humanitarian visas for the EU as a way to prevent human trafficking and the right to health care for the undocumented.
  • The RKP legalizes the sale of snuff across the EU and proposes a permanent representative for Hollande in the EU Parliament.

RKB Chairman Anna-Maja Henriksson Whatever happens in the upcoming EU elections, he is in his final weeks as education minister.

If Henriksson is not elected as an MEP, he will not continue as a minister. A week after the EU elections, a new leader will be elected for the RKP, who of course also wants to be a minister. As per the prevailing practice in the parties, the new leader and the old leader do not sit in the same committee.

Some of the RKP’s supporters are upset that the Henriksen-led RKP has moved into a fundamentalist Finns government. In the European election programme, the RKP takes a diametrically opposite position to the government on immigration issues.

If the RKP gets a candidate for the EU Parliament, will the RKP pursue different policies in Brussels than the Finnish government?

– As with parliamentary elections, each party goes into EU elections putting its own party’s issues first. This is not a question of us campaigning for the government. When the plan of government was created, each party knew exactly where each pain point was. Henriksen replied that the EU election program is the party’s program and has nothing to do with other parties.

Education Minister Anna-Maja Henriksson (R) asks where to find work in Finland, if we don’t want anyone to come here with the image of Finland. Jenny is the host

The EU needs manpower

RKP’s European election project says new operational channels for EU work-related immigration are needed. If it is only up to RKP, the three-month period for work-related immigration will also be removed from the government scheme. Now, work visa holders must leave the country if they do not find work within three months.

– I am certainly glad that there is now a change to the fact that the limit for specialists is six months. It’s something we’ve worked hard on, says Henriksen.

He reminds that Finland, like many European countries, has an aging population. At the same time, fewer children are born in Finland.

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– Labor is also needed in Europe, Finland, Germany, France and Sweden. If our image is that no one should come here, where do we find them? Finland should be a country where people really want to go, come to work and live a good life here.

Henriksen takes India as an example, home to more than 1.4 billion people. According to him, Finland, with a population of 5.6 million, now needs to look more broadly at where to get workers here.

Help climate action

According to Henriksen, you need to understand the big picture. The more that can be done to combat climate change, the more likely it will have a major impact on migration from African countries to Europe.

– Our mission is to help them on the spot, prevent climate change and find legal and humanitarian solutions to migration.

The RKP provides humanitarian visas to the EU as a way to combat serious crimes related to human trafficking and immigration.

– To make legal passage without people risking their lives floating in rubber boats and paying huge sums of money to smugglers.

Henriksen says that in 2018 the EU Parliament took a positive stance on humanitarian visas.

– At that time, there was a model on the table where a person who felt his security was threatened could apply for a humanitarian visa from the embassy of the country he wanted to go to. The embassy will examine whether there is reason to issue a visa. It will still not be an asylum decision.

Asylum processing in the EU area

The RKP is not in favor of moving asylum processing outside the EU.

– Last summer, during the government negotiations, this matter came up in the large committee of the parliament. Our government partners and the Center felt that this could be seen. As the majority of the large body was in favor of finding the matter, it became the will of Parliament. RKP voted against the motion and that is our position.

Last winter, the government included in its EU goals Finland promoting EU-wide measures that would improve chances of implementing the asylum process and provide international protection in safe third countries.

For Henriksen, an immigration package has been concluded in the EU, in which responsibility is shared between all countries.

RKP supports the right of the undocumented to essential social and health services, even against the government’s approach.

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– It’s about humanity. How would you like to be treated if you were in the same situation? It is disturbing that humanity sometimes disappears from political thought.

Anna-Maja Henriksson says that during her time as Minister of Justice, she was at the same meetings as the Minister of Justice of the Polish Law and Justice Party. Henriksen had very different positions with her on issues of women’s rights and equality. Jenny is the host

In the European Union in the Liberal Group

RKP and the Center belong to the Renew Europe group in the European Parliament. It is a liberal centrist group that has said it will not cooperate with the ECR and ID groups, which it considers far-right.

According to Henriksen, this is also the position of RKP as a member of the renewed Europe group.

Basic fins belong to the ECR group.

– The ECR group includes parties as diverse as the Polish Law and Justice Party. Over the years, I have sat at the same table as the Justice Minister of the Law and Justice Party at the Law Minister’s meetings. For example, we had very different positions on women’s rights and equality issues.

The RKP MEP cooperates with all Finnish MEPs, i.e. basic Finns, even if they belong to the ECR group, says Henriksen. Finland’s national interest is the issue that unites Finnish MEPs.

A surprising performance from Sweden

Swedish centrist MEP Emma Wiesner provided, Parties collaborating with the extreme right should be separated from the Liberal Renewal Group. In Sweden, according to Wiesner, that means the Liberals collaborating with the Sweden Democrats, and in Finland the RKP collaborating in government with fundamentalist Finns.

– This is Sweden’s internal policy. Both the Swedish center and the Swedish liberals are fighting for their own representation. This is Wiesner’s way of attacking liberals. I don’t see this as a requirement for central Sweden.

According to Henriksen, a far-right victory in the upcoming EU elections would be a major setback for Europe’s development. According to him, what will happen to France and Germany are question marks.

– In this world political situation, we need the powers that be to see that we need a strong and united European Union because we need to win the war in Ukraine.

RKB will legalize the sale of nose piercings

The RKP’s election manifesto also includes a proposal to legalize the sale of snuff across the EU.

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Why is the sale of unhealthy snus so important to RKP?

– I have always been a health politician, but as long as tobacco is sold in Finland and the EU, it is good for our tax base if snuff is sold. Finland has been a member of the European Union for almost 30 years, and with the ban on selling snuff, the money practically went to Sweden. We probably got about 50 million euros a year. In other words, we have lost 1.5 billion in tax revenue over the EU period due to the ban on the sale of snuff.

In contrast to the current law in Finland, the RKP wants to make buying sex illegal in the EU.

– There are many girls and young women who migrate to the country hoping to get a good job or study. We know there is a strong link between prostitution and human trafficking. In our opinion, you can’t buy a person.

According to Anna-Maja Henriksson, if snuff had been allowed on sale during the EU period, Finland would have received 1.5 billion euros in tax revenue. RKP proposes to legalize the sale of snuff in the EU. Jenny is the host

Congratulations to Allen

The RKP was the only parliamentary party to vote for Hollande to be permanently its own representative in the European Parliament.

– It goes again Mati Vanhanen (Central) Government Time. At that time, jurisdiction was taken away from Holland. RKP to ensure that the government does not forget its promise.

During the completion period, an assistant of the RKP MP came from Aaland. The same is possible for the next RKP MEP if the MEP himself is not in Holland.

I amDuring EU elections, ltalehti interviews a candidate from each parliamentary party or their electoral coalition regarding the parties’ election plans.

RKB candidates

Eva Biaudet, Member of Parliament, Helsinki

Johanna Borg, Nurse, Nurbio

Samuel Broman, businessman, lawyer, Mustasari

Oscar Baiman, Special Assistant, Master of Economics, Chemistry

Meera Bagh, Nursing Student, Wasa

Dan Cederlauf, student, Helsinki

Oona Hagman, entrepreneur, Helsinki

Anna-Maja Henriksson, Minister of Education, Petersary

Magnus Herzberg, journalist, retired, Helsinki

Michael Zern, Agronomist, Farmer, Espoo

Henrik Meinander, Professor, Helsinki

Ingrid Möller, Student, Turku

Wilhelm von Nandelstadt, industrialist, Chastamala

Anton Nilsson, Ministerial Adviser, Maryham

Kalle Busa, IT consultant, lawyer, Helsinki

Frida Siegfrieds, Parliamentary Assistant, Masters in Politics, Borrow

Niclas Sjöskog, farmer, Pedersöre

Julia Stahl, Social Policy Specialist, Espoo

Anita Westerholm, Legal Notary, Rasbury

Nicky Wolff, Principal, Turku

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