Ruovedel – “Music and war” was a surprise for the new Nazi summer camp municipality

International Bellingate group says neo-Nazi summer meeting organized for third time

The far-right Active Club, which has close ties to martial arts, attended the event. Screenshot/YouTube

Neo-Nazis gather in Birkenma at facilities owned by Ruvesi municipality, says International Intelligence Journal The Bellingade Group.

In mid-June, an annual far-right event called the White Boy Summer Fest was organized on the premises of the Tuhonen Camp Center. The event has been held twice before.

Finnish far-right group Tulanvaki is behind the event. Tulenväki shared content from the event, such as pictures and videos, on his public Telegram group. In the videos, the faces of the participants are blurred.

Political analyst specializing in the far right Tommy Kotonen The University of Jyväskylä tells Bellingate that the White Boy Summer Fest event is an integral part of neo-Nazi networks in Finland.

Neo-Nazi bands and martial arts

According to Bellingate, the event was attended by Finnish neo-Nazis and some international guests.

As in previous years, several neo-Nazi bands performed at the event. Wrestling matches were organized in the courtyard of the camp centre. The Estonian branch of the far-right martial arts group Active Club wrote about the event in Telegram in English: “Finnish and Estonian Active Clubs met each other for a weekend full of music and fights.”

According to Bellingcat, the organizers tried to hide the exact location of the 2024 event by blurring the details of the background in the promotional video, but Bellingcat was still able to locate the event at Tuuhonen Camp Center in Ruovesni.

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Several neo-Nazi bands performed at the event. Screenshot/YouTube

Mayor: “We have no information”

Mayor of Ruoveti Tony Leppenen Bellingate tells Iltalehti that the municipality only found out about the nature of the event organized at the camp center after contacting them.

– The reservation was made by a single person, so we have no information about it, says Leppanen.

Camp Center According to the website The rental of the farm costs 250 euros per day for outsiders. When making a reservation, you must specify the contact information of the responsible person, the nature of the event and the number of participants. Lebanon did not know how the booker described the event when making the booking.

Leppanen says it is not practical to check who made the reservation or for what purpose the camping center was rented. However, he believes the reservation would have been denied if the municipality had known in advance that a neo-Nazi event would be organized at the camp center.

Leppanen said the camp center is reasonably well-used, especially in the summer.

Lebanon did not have information on how many participants the neo-Nazi event had. According to him, it is also difficult to estimate how many people can stay at the camp center. In addition to the old school building, the camping center also has a yard where you can camp.

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