Russia threatens Finland with ‘visible in space’ explosion

A Russian journalist outlines the missile attack on Finland.

Russian journalist mocks Russia’s missile attack on Finland. The description of the missile test comes from the Russian Ministry of Defense. AOP

A Russian journalist threatens Finland with an explosion that can be seen in space.

Russian war journalist Alexander Kotz, one of Russia’s most famous war bloggers, made this ominous prediction. Ukraine’s intelligence services classified him as persona non grata and barred him from entering the country.

Coates responded with his sharpest tirade to Defense Minister Andy Hakenen (Coke). to Yle To confirm information that Finland is planning to build a TNT explosive factory to meet Europe’s strong demand.

– Why do Finnish decision makers need it? It’s clear they’re trying to cash in on a popular product, he speculates on his Telegram channel.

Currently, there is only one TNT ammunition factory in the European Union. However, due to the war in Ukraine, the factory in Poland could not produce explosives fast enough, for example, used in ammunition for artillery and mortars.

A big explosion

In Telegram, Coates threatens that Finland will not be able to protect itself if he realizes his dream of building a factory. However, he doubts that defense alliances NATO and the European Union will be able to block the entire construction project.

– Are NATO and EU leaders opposed to a strategic defense plan in a country where Russian Iskander missiles can penetrate from east to west? he asks.

– In addition, two fleets with Kalibr and Zircon missiles are nearby.

At the same time, an explosion at the Coates factory threatens to destroy it as far as it can be detected in space. He is obsessed with the idea that Russia could hit a potential TNT factory in Finland with more than one missile.

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– He writes that the explosion of the TNT factory can be seen even from space.

– One has to sympathize with ordinary Finns who are “lucky” to live near such an attractive military base.

In an interview with Iltalehti, Commander of the Finnish Defense Forces, Janne Jakkola, said that Russia is unlikely to test the validity of NATO’s fifth article.

– There is no military threat to Finland, Jakkola told Iltalehte after taking over as commander in early April.

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