Russia wanted Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas – and six Finns

Six Finns are also wanted.

Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas pictured in Brussels on February 1, 2024. EPA/AOP

Russia has issued a search warrant for Estonia's prime minister Caja Gallaxesta. The basis is an unspecified criminal title. This was reported by AFP news agency.

A wanted notice appeared in the database of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Russian news agency Interfax According to the Ministry of Home Affairs, no further information was released. According to Interfax, the Estonian state secretary is also on the wanted list Dimer Peterkopf.

A business magazine following the Kremlin's lead Commercial Free Investigative Media was cited in its report Mediazona, Russian officials are listed as foreign agents. According to Kommersant's characterization, the search warrant would relate to the removal of Soviet memorabilia.

In its own story, Mediazona also puts Callas' required notice in the context of Russia's “denazification project,” which gained momentum from its war of aggression against Ukraine. Media reports suggest that hundreds of people have been searched as a result of the scheme.

According to Mediazona, Gallas is the only head of state placed on the wanted list. For example, Lithuania's Minister of Culture and Latvian Members of Parliament are also required.

Callas' information was added to a searchable database, the head of an investigative group responsible for “denazification”. Alexander Pastrykin He ordered his subordinates by the end of 2022 to focus on Estonia, where the Soviet tank monument in Narva and other monuments were demolished.

Ukrainian media Kyiv Post shared a photo of a wanted notice for Galla On social media.

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Six fins are required

According to Mediazona, all six Finns have been declared wanted. They are volunteers fighting in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the beginning of February, Pastrykin mentioned the investigations, according to which a total of 593 foreigners from 46 countries will be investigated.

In its own report, MediaZona was able to identify 396 people from 36 countries in the searched database who could be linked to the activities of “mercenary groups”. Most of them are Georgian, British and Belarusian.

Archive the video. Kaja Kallas spoke to the Finnish media at the JEF leaders' meeting in Kotland on October 26, 2023. Henry Carcainan

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