Russian media found strange connections in Timo Vornanen's case

The use of a weapon by a member of parliament did not come as a surprise in Russia. A similar event took place a few weeks ago in St. Petersburg.

The shooting happened in front of Bar Ihku in the center of Helsinki. Under Lysima

The shooting of MP Timo Vornassen (ps) has received attention in the Russian media. Earlier, Iltalehti reported on the reactions of the Swedish media.

At least the mainstream Russian media reported on the shooting incident in the center of Helsinki the night before Friday Toss and Rhea Novosti.

Citing news from Tass Yle, Basic Finns' member of parliament Timo Vornanen says he has been arrested on suspicion of a crime against life and health.

Vornanen is said to be “a policeman and keen hunter who, as a result of an argument, took a gun and fired outside the restaurant”.

In his story of Vornanen's release, Doss cites an article by Harry Voorenbe, party secretary of the Basic Finns, in News Service X.

Russian news media RBK says A member of parliament from the “Patriotic” fundamentalist Finnish party was involved in the shooting, in which no one was injured.

RBK's correspondent connects this incident with a shooting in St. Petersburg a few weeks ago, where a former FSB colonel and current deputy of the Leningrad Region Dmitry Sen Shot in the restaurant.

Chenin shot two guests in the restaurant with rubber bullets, one in the head and one in the leg.

An FSB colonel was jailed in connection with the incident. He is awaiting trial to begin in June.

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Additionally, RBK reports on a shooting incident in Abkhazia, where a member of parliament was shot dead near the local parliament.

And Russian Online Media Ritus says about the case and links it to a school shooting in Wanda in early April where a 12-year-old boy died and two girls were injured.

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