Russia’s new defense minister is ruthless

Russia’s new defense minister and president Vladimir Putin Long term reliable Andriy Belousov A “much tougher person” than the former defense minister who is secretary of the Security Council Sergei Shoigu.

A military historian thinks so Lasse Laaksonen For MTV News.

According to Laaksonen, Pelozov, who comes from a strong economic background to become defense minister, can be considered a “hawk” in American terms.

– He supports a strong government and is ruthless in his actions. The much-criticized Shoigu is considerably softer. In this respect, says Laaksonen, they are very different.

By choosing Peloso, Putin is looking to the future, Laksonen assesses. Putin believes that the war in Ukraine will continue for a long time, which is why there is a reason to find an expert in military economics in the Ministry of Defense.

Russia has been moving steadily toward a war economy since it became clear that a major offensive against Ukraine did not produce the desired quick victory in early 2022.

Putin's trusted men as chess pieces


Watch an interview with military historian Laaksonen.

Putin has two tasks

According to Peloso, Putin has set two tasks for the Defense Ministry. The first of these is the integration of the Russian military economy with the rest of Russia’s economy. Second, the Russian Ministry of Defense should become as innovative as possible.

According to Peloso, the “most urgent task” of the Ministry of Defense is to equip the Russian army with modern weapons and other equipment.

After suffering heavy equipment losses, Russia had to equip its forces with somewhat outdated equipment, especially in the early stages of the war. However, compared to Ukraine, Russia has both equipment and ammunition superiority, for example, the volume of artillery fire.

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On the other hand, a movement is not necessary, says Pelozov. In the West, Russia is now estimated to be able to recoup its losses. This is despite the fact that Russia suffered heavy losses during the offensive earlier in the year.

According to Peloso, the Ministry of Defense under his leadership must take the country’s defense sector more firmly into its own hands.

The election of Pelozov as the new defense minister will not bring a quick turnaround, Laksonen believes.

– Nothing miraculous happens in a short period of time. Cause-and-effect relationships from personnel changes take time, he estimates.

“Spear itself”

In addition to the appointment of Belousov, the Kremlin’s defense ministry is winded in other ways. At least Deputy Defense Minister Timur Ivanov and Head of HR Department Jury Kuznetsov He was arrested in April-May. Both are accused of corruption.

Shoigu’s transfer as Secretary of the Security Council should not be seen as a punishment for Putin, Laksonen assesses. After all, Putin could be seen sticking with his creditors. This indicates the strength of Putin’s inner circle, Laksonen believes.

Russia wants to show that things are going well. So, there’s no need to cast established faces in completely secondary roles.

– The tasks have changed, but the same pair is still there, he observes.

According to Laaksonen, the West has fallen into the trap of Putin’s informational influence and hybrid warfare while evaluating the chair roulette of Russia’s inner circle. You can read more about the topic at the link below.

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