Sale of Arizona Coyotes Confirmed – Team Moves to Utah – NHL – 18.04.2024 – News –

The last few years of the Arizona Coyotes have been plagued by a variety of issues, and the last two seasons the club was forced to play in the 5,000-seat Mullet Arena after being kicked out of its previous home arena.

The club's life in Arizona began in 1996. Before that, played in Winnipeg in the WHA and NHL. The Coyotes didn't have much success, and in 2012, when the team went all the way to the conference finals, the team had just one top-eight finish. After that, the Coyotes only made the playoffs in 2020, going into the extended playoffs after the regular season was prematurely interrupted by the coronavirus.

New owner Ryan Smith, which also houses the NBA club Utah Jazz. Smith is also a co-owner of MLS team Real Salt Lake. The purchase price of him and the former owner, Alex MerelonBetween about $1.2 billion.

The NHL team will share the Delta Center as its home arena with the Utah Jazz.

The Coyotes' lineup features three Finnish players this season. Striker Mathias Mazelli and guardian Juuso Välimäki was part of the entire season's lineup, and Aku Räty Must play in last regular season game.

The group will be named after their home state of Utah. The team name and color will be announced later.

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